What is does

TextTag in Kingfisher KI2000 series instruments allows a test technician to recall and use up to 20 pre-set alpha-numeric result description formats.

Typical examples:

  • ABCD123
  • ABC1234
  • ABC-012
  • AB-1234
  • A-12345
  • A-1 345
  • A-BC123
  • -40.123
  • A02-123
  • A02 123
  • 1-23012
  • A-2 012
  • A.012
  • A 012

The last 3 numeric digits auto-increments as test results are stored. The first 4 digits are static alpha-numeric. eg A-Z, 1 – 9, dash, decimal point, blank.

These text tags are stored in memory with test results, and automatically populate KITS software fields for easy reporting and label printing.

This feature can be used in conjunction with various labelling standards and software such as:

  • TIA-606-A, also Addendum 1, TIA-606-B, ISO/IEC TR 14763-2-1
  • Brother P-Touch Editor label printing software.

User benefits: Quickly recall and use pre-set alphanumeric naming formats

When used with Autotest, multi-wavelength loss tests are incrementally labelled and stored with only one button push.

Subsequent reporting and label printing is faster and less error prone.

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