MPO Test, Inspect & Clean Kit SM MM, KI-TK071A

Kit, Complete, MPO/MTP SM & MM 2000, Ge (not shippable to Iran)

MPO kit with source, Autotest meter, scope & cleaners. 1310/1550 & 850/1300 nm

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A test inspect & cleaning kit, ideal for low to modest volume on MPO / MTP™, LC, SC and all fiber types. Inexpensive with good MPO tester accuracy.

MPO test, inspection & cleaning applications

  • Optical power at 28 calibrated λ, -40 to +15 dBm range.
  • Optical loss on SM fiber at 1310 / 1550 nm, 40 dB range.
  • Optical loss on MM fiber 850 / 1300 nm, 20 dB (@ 62.5um) range, EF compliant.
  • Loss test automation & reporting with Autotest and KITS™ software.
  • This meter measures the power from any MPO fiber end, so it does not need re-connecting every time the test fiber is moved.
  • Optical 12 fiber Multi-Fiber ID continuity / tone.
  • Optical connector end face inspection microscope x200.
  • Optical connector cleaning tools & materials.
  • Generally meets safety regulations & standards based test procedures.

Connector & battery summary

SC, LC, MPO-PC & MPO-APC interchangeable connector adapters.
Meter accepts MPO, SC & LC, any 1.25mm ferrule. PC & APC polish.
Source accepts SC & LC. PC polish.
Microscope accepts MPO PC/APC, SC, LC. Universal 2.5 & 1.25 mm adapters are also OK for occasional APC use.
Meter 2 x AA alkaline. Run time >1000 hours. Micro USB pwr /charging.
Source 2 x AA alkaline. Run time >80 hours. Micro USB pwr /charging.
Microscope 1 x AAA alkaline. Run time >300 hr. Micro-USB power.

We gladly adjust kits to meet your exact needs.

A suitable MPO breakout cable is needed for this kit.
Interchangeable connector adapters: Hybrid (for Source) / XL (for Meter) / Microscope
Test leads, cleaning materials & consumables
VFL pen
Video camera
Video microscope

Kit Contents

Fiber Inspection Scopes

FiberSafe Microscope KI6610

  • 200x microscope for inspection of SM, MM, and MPO networks
  • Best quality, image & eye safety
  • Wide range of interchangeable adaptors

Interchangeable Fiber Connectors

MPO Connector Adapter - XL Power Meter, OPT227

MTP™ / MPO 12 x n style with central key. For both MM & SM fiber. For XL power meters with a 5 or 7 mm detector. 


MPO 12 24 Connector Adapter for KI6610 Series Microscope. OPT677

MPO 12 x n style. Incorporates traversing knob


MPO 12 24 APC Connector Adapter for KI6610 Series Microscope. OPT678

MPO 12 x n style APC. Incorporates traversing knob


1.25 mm Universal Connector Adapter for KI6610 Series Microscope. OPT682

Universal 1.25 mm PC, Simplex / Duplex and terminus for ruggedised connectors


Accessories & Patch Leads

Semi-Rigid Carry Case for Test Kits OPT154B

  • Highly cushioned and convenient carry case, sturdily mode of durable custom moulded urethane foam, splash resistant cloth covering with zipper and separator, carry strap. Fits two KI2000 style instruments, microscope, VFL pen.
  • Semi-rigid case construction is comfortable to use, avoids damaging other objects, and layout helps avoid losing items on-site.
  • Space for additional: (not supplied) batteries, connector adaptors, test leads, documentation, mains pack, two mandrel wraps, instruments

Stick-Type, MPO Connector Cleaner TOOL CLEAN-05A

Sticks to clean MPO end face, particularly around the alignment pins
(Price shown is for per stick, sold in 10-stick pack)


MPO/MTP Classic Reel Cleaner OPT401

A classic MPO endface cleaner for both mated and unmated connectors

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