Legendary source stability

What it does:

  • High quality fiber pigtailed sources with low loss interchangeable connectors improve test source stability. For example, we specify the source re-connection repeatability as 0.1 dB.
  • We accurately set the laser power, so power meter referencing is a more reliable process. The actual power will be very close to the nominal power.
  • SM lasers have a tight 20 nm wavelength tolerance, for improved long distance test repeatability.
  • MM LEDs are mode controlled to meet Encircled Flux requirements with no additional conditioning patch leads.
  • The Autotest feature has high functionality with data transfer, This reduces laser warm up, so also makes measurements more stable.

User benefits

  • More accurate and repeatable loss test results under all conditions.
  • Save time with less referencing

For truly state-of-the art source stability, please see our Zero warm-up sources & loss testers, which take source stability to a whole new level for a modest extra cost.

A Good Tradesperson has Good Tools...

A Good Tradesperson has Good Tools...

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