The industry's most in-depth range of fast fiber certifiers also have the industry's highest throughput and accuracy

Loss Test Set with Zero Warm-Up KI 2300 Series

  • Single-directional loss on one fiber
  • Most accurate OLTS
  • Zero warm-up time sources, to 6 λ
  • Singlemode fiber only

What is a Two-Way / Return Loss Test Set?

Kingfisher Two-Way & ORL Loss Test Sets perform automated Loss, Length & Optical Return Loss (ORL) testing on up to 6 λ. They simultaneously test loss & ORL in two directions, at multiple wavelengths, on one fiber. This is a faster, easier and more accurate process than the "two step on two fiber" process used on many other instruments. This are today's easiest, fastest, most accurate, smallest and most integrated fiber light tester. Two instruments are usually used to check cabling losses. Single operator pass / fail operation in a PON type environment is easily achieved. 

This fiber optic cable testing equipment can also measure absolute power level, or generate and find tones. It may have a VFL either built into the test signal, or on a separate port, depending on the configuration. 

All Kingfisher two-way LTS are colored green for easy identification. The actual tests performed and detailed configuration, will depend on the selected model number.

The real-time loss display enables the user to instantly identify and correct a poor connection prior to recording the result. Associated KITS reporting software is standards compliant and data can be clicked into the acceptance report in real time

All Kingfisher Loss Test Sets offer superior measurement stability in practical use. When a test lead is repeatedly re-connected, the coupled power varies by < 0.1 dB.

What is an Optical  Loss Test Set?

A fiber cable tester instrument that combines up to 6 sources, a power meter & optional VFL in one unit. Two OLTS are usually used to measure losses on installed systems. Alternatively, some users may prefer either a higher performance two-way LTS, or a separate source and meter test kit. All Kingfisher OLTS are colored red for easy work site identification, and they are inter-operable with any other Kingfisher Autotest sources, meters or two-way testers with matching wavelengths.

For larger organizations, loss test sets can provide benefits in terms of simplified asset management, deployment and training, compared to sources & meters.

For laboratory, QA and bench users, a loss test set provides maximum functionality from a single instrument. It may be an easy and more compact solution with only one battery or power pack to manage.

All Kingfisher less test sets offer superior measurement stability in practical link testing. When a test lead is repeatedly re-connected to the light source, the coupled power varies by < 0.1 dB. A Kingfisher OLTS can also be used as a tone generator for use with a clip-on identifier.

Note: Optical Loss Test Sets can alternatively be called: optical multimeters, fiber cable analyzers, fiber cable certifiers or optical cable tester. 

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