A Two-Way Optical Loss Tester (OLTS) that's perfect for medium to ultra high fiber count loss, length and optical return loss testing applications on multimode fiber at 850 / 1330nm. A pair of these compact instruments set new standards of productivity, accuracy and ease of use. A multimode APC connector on this model is required for reliable ORL test performance. The 650 nm VFL VisiTester feature mixes a VFL in with the test signal during Autotest. It operates as a stand-alone VFL, or gives positive visual identification of a fiber to be connected during loss testing.

Each fiber needs just one test hook-up and one key press for a complete 2W / bidirectional loss, length & ORL test, and the same test method can be used for all fibers in a network, eliminating administration, training and test errors. Testing is accurate and can take only 5 seconds, direct onto flexible standards-compliant Tier 1 certification reports.

A pair of instruments both display length & bi-directional loss, & ORL each end, in real time, with no need to specify master/slave instruments. A single instrument can also be used as a stand-alone ultra-stable light source & power meter, VFL, ORL meter, or tone generator / detector. The ORL meter is calibrated with 50 u fiber, and works on 62.5u fiber with an appropriate dB offset.

  • 25% of the size / weight, 7x the battery life of competitors 
  • Bidirectional Autotest loss, length and ORL testing on one fiber
  • Full-feature optical return loss tester
  • Real time Pass / Fail display
  • 8,000 fiber memory and USB Flash Drive file dump
  • KITS™ reporting software
  • Autotest optical power meter, >25 λ, 1 % accuracy
  • Traceable calibration reports: power meter & linearity, source λ & stability, ORL 
  • 80 hr alkaline battery life
  • 3 Year warranty and calibration cycle
  • EF compliant multimode sources


Key Features


KI23403OLV-INGAAS-APC-50U specifications
Modulated output (source) 270 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz ± 2 %, 12 Multi-Fiber ID tones
Output wavelength (source) 850-1300 nm LED APC, VisiTester
Output power (source) -27 dBm ±1 dB @ 62.5 µm
Adjust output power (source) Fixed
Short term stability for 15 min, typical ±2 °C, after warm up, ORL < -25 dB (source) 0.01 dB
Stability over temperature (source) 0.35 dB
Wavelength drift (source) 0.4 nm per °C (typical)
Reconnection repeatability @ 95% confidence (source) 0.05 dB
Mode controlled (source) 50/125µm compliant: IEC 61280-4-1 {Ed.1.0}, TIA 526-14A & TIA TSB-178
Length range (2-way Autotest only) 4.5 dB @ 50 µm
Length accuracy (2-way Autotest only) 0.01% ± 4 meters
Length resolutions 1 meter (0.000~9.999 Km), 10 meters (10.00~99.99 Km), 100 meters (100.0~127.9 Km)
Loss range (2-way Autotest) 21.5 dB @ 50 µm
Loss repeatability & loss linearity (2-way Autotest) 0.06 dB
Loss range (1-way Autotest) ) 21.5 @ 50 µm
Loss repeatability & loss linearity (1-way Autotest) 0.06 dB
ORL range 0 ~ 27.5 dB @ 50 µm
ORL port isolation > 25 dB
ORL accuracy 0.2 dB
ORL resolution 0.01 dB (@ 0 ~ 30 dB), 0.1 dB (@ 30 ~ 45 dB)
VisiTester wavelength 650 ± 5 nm
VisiTester power 0 dBm ± 1 dB @ SMF
VisiTester laser safety Class 1, IEC60825-2
VisiTester blink rate (manual) CW or 2 Hz
General Two-Way Loss / Length / ORL Test Set KI 23400 Series specifications
Detector type (meter) InGaAs
Response wavelength (meter) 600 ~ 1700 nm
Calibration wavelengths (meter) 780, 820, 850, 980, 1270, 1290, 1300, 1310, 1330, 1350, 1370, 1390, 1410, 1430, 1450, 1470, 1490, 1510, 1530, 1550, 1570, 1590, 1610, 1625, 1650 nm
Calibration accuracy (meter) 1 % (0.06 dB)
Mid-range linearity (meter) 0.04 dB (typical)
Power range (meter) +10 ~ -60 dBm (780 ~ 980, 1590 ~ 1650 nm) / +10 ~ -70 dBm (1270 ~ 1650 nm)
Resolution (meter) 0.01 dB
Polarization sensitivity (meter) < 0.05 dB (typical)
Wavelength sensitivity (± 30 nm) 0.2 dB (typical)
ID tone detection & Autotest sensitivity (meter) Up to -50 dBm
Autotest: 1-way: compatible with other KI23400 & KI27400 models / 2-way: compatible with identical model only
Tone detection (meter) 150 ~ 9999 Hz ± 1 %
USB interfaces micro-USB for power & software / USB-A Flash Drive
Software KITS (free download)
Power Battery / External power via micro-USB
Battery life Laser/LED source: 80 hours (typical) in Autotest, Power Meter: 1000 hours (typical)
Battery type 2x AA (LR6) Alkaline / 2x AA NiMH AA (rechargeable via micro-USB)
Auto off Selectable
Display 74 mm x 55 mm high contrast LCD
Case Polycarbonate (body) / rubber (edges & corners), moisture resistance, 1-meter drop tested
Memory For 8,000 fibers / Unlimited on USB Flash Drive
Size 190 mm x 105 mm x 35 mm
Unit weight 0.42 kg
Shipping weight 1.5 Kg
Operating / storage temperature -15 to 55 °C / -25 to 70 °C
Relative humidity 0 ~ 95 %
Warranty 3 years
Calibration validity (ISO/IEC 17025) 3 years
IP Rating IP52

Documentation & Support


In the box

Mandrel Wrap Filters, 50 & 62.5 um OPT701

22 mm mandrel for 3 mm patch lead, 50 u core. 17 mm mandrel for 3 mm patch lead, x 62.5 u core. FOTP-50 Method A

Low Reflection Terminator, SC/PC OPT703

Typically useful during ORL testing. Specification -55 dB, dependent on PC connector quality.

Low Reflection Terminator, SC/APC OPT704

Typically useful during ORL testing, Specification -65 dB.


SC - SC/APC Multimode Fiber Patch Cord, 2m, 50um Simplex

LC Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT076

LC Simplex, metal body.

Padded Canvas Carry Pouch OPT149

Soft pouch for two KI2000 series instruments. With carry straps and compartments for accessories storage.

Software (KITS)

Downloadable from Kingfisher's website for free.

Optional accessories


FC Hybrid Connector Adaptor OPT051

FC. OPT081 is preferred for power meters, since FC ceramic sleeves break easily.


2.5 mm Universal Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT081

Universal 2.5 mm, including Duplex SC. Please observe application advice.


1.25 mm Universal Hybrid Connector Adaptor OPT085

Universal 1.25 mm. Also fits: Duplex LC, Senko CS, SN duplex, and USconec MDC duplex connectors. Please observe application advice.


LC / F3000 Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT072

For F3000 PC Simplex. This is an LC-PC adapter that also fits F3000. For LC-PC only use, OPT076 is better value and more robust.


Semi-Rigid Carry Case for Test Kits OPT154B

Semi-rigid canvas test kit case for two KI2000 series instruments, three KI900 series instruments, optical microscope & VFL pen. With cleaning materials, carry straps and compartments for accessories storage. Moulded interior provides a perfect combination of durability, protection, and comfortable use.


Semi-Rigid Carry Case for Test Kits OPT153-CASE

Semi-rigid canvas test kit case for two KI2000 or KI7000 series instruments, and three KI9000 series instruments. With carry straps and compartments for accessories storage. Moulded interior provides a perfect combination of durability, protection, and comfortable use.


Fiber Connector Cleaner Cartridge TOOL CLEAN-09A

To clean a connector end face / tip, prior to connector insertion into a mating adaptor.


Stick-Type Cleaner 2.5 mm TOOL CLEAN-03

To clean the end face and mating sleeve of a fiber optic connector with 2.5 mm diameter ferrule. SC, FC, ST etc.


Stick-type Cleaner 1.25 mm TOOL CLEAN-04

To clean the end face and mating sleeve of a fiber optic connector with 1.25 mm diameter ferrule, LC, SN etc

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