POF/PCS/HCS Simple Loss Test Kit KI-TK054

Kit, Simple, POF 9000, Si

POF source & meter kit. HFBR, 660/650 nm

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A simple fiber tester kit effective for low to modest test volume on POF systems. The optical power meter has large area Si detector ideal for plastic optical fiber.

Typical testing applications

  • Optical power at 9 calibrated λ on up to 1 mm POF / PCS / HCS, -60, +5 dBm range.
  • Optical loss on up to 1 mm POF / HCS / PCS fiber at 660 nm (optional 650 nm), 54 dB range.
  • Reporting software for loss (manual data entry).
  • Optical continuity / tone checking, 12 fiber Multi-Fiber ID, 40 dB range.
  • Generally meets safety regulations & standards based test procedures.

Connector & battery summary

Light source accepts SC & HFBR connectors.
Power meter accepts HFBR connector.
Meter 2 x AAA alkaline. Run time >300 hours.
Source 2 x AAA alkaline. Run time >40 hours.
Microscope 1 x AAA alkaline. Run time >300 hr. Micro-USB power.

Please order other required connector adapters

We gladly adjust kits to meet your exact needs.

Interchangeable connector adapters: Hybrid (for source), XL (for power meter)
General test leads
Other cleaning materials & replacement consumables

Kit Contents

Light Sources & VFL

Fiber Optic POF Test Source KI9809AM

  • Economical shirt-pocket size source
  • LED source for POF testing
  • Interchangeable POF connectors 

Optical Power Meters

Pocket Optical Power Meter KI 9600XL-Si5

  • Simple shirt-pocket size power meter
  • Large area detector for MPO & POF testing
  • Ideal for transmission installers

Accessories & Patch Leads

Canvas Pouch for KI9000 Series Instruments OPT156

  • Pocket padded pouch, splash resistant cloth outer covering with zipper, carry strap.
  • Fits any two KI9000 style instruments.
  • Some space for additional (not supplied): batteries, connector adaptors, additional documentation.

Interchangeable Fiber Connectors

HFBR Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT078

HFBR for POF. For simplex / duplex / latching / non-latching HFBR / Versatile Link / Redlink connectors.Please observe application advice.


HFBR POF Connector Adapter - XL Power Meter, OPT231

For simplex / duplex / latching / non-latching POF HFBR, Versatile Link, Redlink connectors.

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