Fiber optic test equipment

We make it easy to test, inspect, and certify fiber optics.

Kingfisher's handheld fiber optic test equipment is used across hyper-scale data centers, enterprise LAN, telecommunications, service providers, aerospace, defense and industrial networks. Kingfisher optical cable test solutions have led in ease of use, flexibility, and test confidence since 1986.

Your Kingfisher tester...

  • Delivers consistent results in real world testing.
  • Is designed for your productivity. Reliable, rugged, flexible, and accurate.
  • Is easy to use, with instructions included.
  • Produces great, secure excel reports with our free USB-connected software.
  • Uses standard interchangeable connectors and batteries.
  • Is designed, manufactured, and calibrated in Australia.
  • Is backed by a global network of expert sales, support, service professionals.
  • Is in stock, with fast global shipping.


Handheld Fiber Optic Test Equipment