Fiber Optic Test Equipment

Kingfisher makes it easy to test, inspect, and certify fiber optics.

Kingfisher's flexible fiber optic testers are used across hyper-scale data centers, enterprise LAN, telecommunications, aerospace, defense and industrial networks. Kingfisher optical test solutions have led in ease of use, flexibility, and test confidence; since 1986.

Your Kingfisher tester...

  • Delivers consistent results in real world testing.
  • Is designed for your productivity. Reliable, rugged, flexible, and accurate.
  • Is clear & easy to use, with instructions included.
  • Produces great, secure excel reports with our free USB-connected software.
  • Uses standard interchangeable connectors and batteries.
  • Is designed, manufactured, and calibrated in Australia*.
  • Is backed by a global network of expert sales, support, service professionals.
  • Is probably in stock, with fast global shipping.