We have decades of experience in all defense and harsh environment sectors, with a winning track record in:

  • Army, navy & aerospace platforms
  • C3
  • Intelligence / data centers
  • Bases
  • Manufacturing (Primes etc)
  • Maintenance

ISO/IEC 17025 compliant calibration of handheld fiber optic testers, coupled with high reliability, flexibility & long product lifecycle, provide a unique level of value for large and small critical projects.

Please contact us for specialist distributor details for defence and ruggedised/expanded beam connector applications.

FiberSafe Microscope KI 6610 Series

  • Microscope for inspection of SM, MM, MPO and POF networks
  • Best quality, image & eye safety
  • Wide range of interchangeable adaptors
  • Many helpful features



Fiber Inspection Probe KI 6680

  • Fibre scope tester to check mated & unmated connectors SM, MM, MPO
  • Software for Windows, Apple or Android devices
  • Wi-Fi or USB connection
  • Easy operation



Integrated Inspection Probe AutoGet Wi-Fi

  • Fiber scope tester to check and analyze mated & unmated connectors SM, MM, MPO
  • Integrated LCD display
  • Fully automated pass/fail analysis (IEC61300-3-35 compliant)



KI 6610 Series Microscope Adapters

  • KI6610 Series FiberSafe Optical Microscope
Suited for eth/IB MPO POF/PCS Hi Pwr

KI 6680 / Dimension AutoGet Wi-Fi Scope Adapter Series

  • KI668x Fiber Inspection Probe
  • Autoget Wi-Fi Inspection Probe
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