Australian Fibre Optic Test Equipment

Fibre Optic Test Technician JobKingfisher has been a leading global designer and manufacturer fiber test solutions for over 30 years. Made and designed in Victoria, for the global and local market.

For Australians, we're happy to provide a combination of world class expertise, and practical local knowledge. We have a variety of great solutions specific to both NBN and Telstra installation work. There are some unique local requirements, such as 1625 nm, mandatory use of NBN / Telstra / LAN approved specific reporting solutions, plus a relentless push for better productivity.

We can assist your project with typically short delivery dates (often next-day delivery), expert assistance, quick calibration & repairs performed in Victoria.



High Throughput Bi-Directional Tester

For really big jobs, or for NBN network segments that require bi-directional testing, our KI23410OLF-InGaAs-APC 1310 / 1550 / 1625 nm Two Way Tester offers ultimate performance & productivity. Test time will be dominated by the time taken to clean, inspect, and connect to the tester, just once. Actual test time is negligible. Use our KITS™ software live for maximum overall productivity.

NBN PON Power Meter

PON Meter

The KI6102 PON meter is an inexpensive and practical solution which exactly meets the requirements of NBN contractors activating a service.

It has AA alkaline batteries, so it remains ready for use for months.

Upgrade your existing gear

Upgrade your existing gear

Many existing AutoTest capable Kingfisher Units & Test Kits can be augmented with new wavelengths and integration features, through a combination of free software updates and / or purchase of a new 1625nm source.

Talk to us today to enquire about free upgrades.


For Service Providers

  • We have a variety of 1310 / 1550 / 1625 nm light sources, or loss test sets, or loss test / cleaning kits. Test kit TK072A is a popular solution
  • On our KI2000 or KI7000 series instruments, active Autotest wavelengths can be selected,(eg 1310 / 1625 nm only, or 1310 / 1550 nm only) speeding up testing and de-cluttering your test reports.
  • Our matching power meters and high power meters have InGaAs detector options which offer much better stability & accuracy at 1625 nm than Ge based instruments.
  • Our KI2000 series light sources can have the VisiTester option fitted, which adds a VFL into the test signal. This has huge benefits in a high fiber count environment, where it's too easy to lose a test fiber end. Please ask for a quote.
  • Just got a small job? Our KI9000 series of pocket size sources and meters might be just the thing.


For Contractors & NBN

  • In Australia a typical "quad wavelength" 850 / 1300, 1310 / 1550 tester is actually no longer very useful at all, since it's missing the needed 1625 nm.
  • So we offer a KI2825-APC Light Source, with 850-1300 nm LED PC, 1310-1550-1625 nm Laser APC.
  • Or this source in a 5 wavelength test kit KI-TK072A*.
  • Ideally you'd want both a KI2600-Ge and a KI2600-InGaAs meter to work well with this unit, however just a KI2600-Ge will give usable 1625 nm performance in less demanding situations. In combination with KITS™ software, this is a truly universal solution for any Telco / LAN situation.


Simple, Integrated Loss Test Reporting

  1. Our KITS™ software can be used either live & interactive, or just to download results from an instrument, and is always helpful to pass/fail and record results during testing or on-site. It can also be set up as a tamper-resistant reporting environment that is accepted by VTI and the LAN industry, so it's one reporting solution for all contractor jobs. Secure data files exported from KITS can be readily imported into the Telstra or NBN workbooks using their specific customized tools. We can greatly improve efficiency and reduce the cost of back-office report generation.
  2. The Telstra workbook now has a built-in import utility details from KITS or instruments. The workbook is supplied by Telstra.
  3. For the NBN workbook, Kingfisher supplies an import utility, KI-SW01 details, IL Import Tool KITS-to-NBN Workbook. Download Software

Local Service & Calibration

We provide fast local service and calibration, which has got many a local contractor out of a jam.

Our world-class optical calibration laboratory is NATA  ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited, and we calibrate and check sources, meters & attenuators from any manufacturer.

NATA Service and Calibration

We also offer a lower cost equipment assurance check, which is adequate for many users.

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