USA Customs Duties Mostly Unchanged
May 2019

We would like to advise that since most of our products are not made in China, USA customs duties are mostly unchanged.

So most of our prices into your store are not affected by the recent 25% customs tariff on related Chinese products.

A USA-Australia free trade agreement AUFTA means that typical USA customs tariffs on our Australian made products are 0%.

Improved Visible UV Spectral Measurement Capability
May 2019

We have recently improved the capability of our Optical Calibration Laboratory to measure light source wavelength in the UV and visible spectrum.

Traceable to an in-house primary reference standard, we can now accurately test wavelengths from UV-B to 1650 nm using an automated system, at low optical power levels.

This is part of Kingfisher's ongoing commitment to improving test accuracy and product quality for our customers. 

Kingfisher to Exhibit at DCD Singapore
May 2019

For two days on September 17-18 2019, Kingfisher will be exhibiting at DCD (Data Centre Design) show at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Senior technical staff will be on hand to answer your in-depth technical questions about our range of high performance test solutions optimized for specialist Data Centre applications.

We look forward to meeting past, current and prospective customers.

Kingfisher has many specialist solutions for hyper-scale cloud data centres including for MPO, multimode/single mode, DWDM, CWDM, POF and test reporting solutions compliant with various relevant international test standards.

UBench POF Collimator Assembly
May 2019

Kingfisher has introduced the novel POF Plastic Optical Fiber Collimator assembly KI-UBENCH. Collimator assemblies are commonly available for single mode or multimode fiber, but we couldn't find one for POF fiber, so we developed this one. It would be useful for anyone who needs to insert something into the light path of a plastic optical fiber.

This sort of solution can be useful in life sciences, for example, because it's much easier to couple a specialist light source into a POF compared to other fiber types. 

This is a properly engineered solution, and could be easily customized for specialist POF or other large core fiber types, for example.

Improved Power Meter Linearity Testing
November 2018

We have recently improved our production power meter test capability for linearity.

Now we typically achieve a production linearity test accuracy of better than 0.03 dB (previously about 0.08 dB), which we believe to be the best in the industry. Instruments with this level of tested performance will start appearing immediately.

This is just another example of Kingfisher's ongoing commitment to improving test accuracy and product quality for our customers.

Improved Attenuator Calibration Capability
November 2018

We have recently improved the already industry leading accuracy of our Variable Optical Attenuators.

Our single mode variable attenuators are now calibrated with a linearity of 0.03 dB using an upgraded calibration system. We believe this is an industry leading capability. Our attenuators are calibrated at all points across the attenuation range, providing near-ideal performance for the user.  

Instruments with this level of tested performance will start appearing immediately.

Visible Fault Locator Gets Laser Power Boost
January 2018

Our Visible Fault Locator Pen just got more powerful. Identical in all other respects to the popular & reliable KI6354, the new KI6358 pen has an improved power of -1.3 dBm while still retaining it's Class 1 laser safety rating under all conditions. This safety rating means that this pen is legally eye safe under all conditions, for example if it's accidentally left behind in a public place. Other eye safety ratings require increased site safety precautions and training.

Innovative new MPO Visual Cable Verifier Kit
August 2017

The innovative MPO Visual Cable Verifier Kit finally answers the need for a quick, easy and versatile MPO toolkit tester, and is available for immediate delivery.

Alternately coloured light output allows quick verification of polarity, cable type, and continuity. Image taken from the included scope & optional camera.
Alternating colors allows quick visual verification of polarity, cable type, and continuity. Image from included scope & optional camera.

The test kit comprises a unique source that lights all the fibers with a repetitive color pattern, and a low power microscope used to observe the color pattern at the far end. The observed color sequence determines the connection polarity. This kit is versatile, since the concept is easily scalable for high fiber counts, and is useful up to about 1 Km distance.

Initial customer trials have shown great enthusiasm from all types of users including patchlead assembly houses, QA staff, installers and system operators for both single mode and multimode fiber types.

This simple design is affordably priced, flexible, easy to use, and intuitive for users. The new innovation bolsters Kingfisher's existing range of accurate, flexibile and easy to use MPO solutions, such as our MPO power meters.

For more details, please review our product brochure / data sheet (pdf) and information pages (12, 24, 32, and 72 fiber MPO variants), or enquire today. For more information about Kingfisher International Pty Ltd, please review our company profile.

POF Source Upgrade to Interchangeable Connectors
January 2017

Kingfisher International is pleased to offer immediate availability of the upgraded KI9809A Handheld POF (plastic optical fiber) Test Source, which now features interchangeable connectors including styles such as SC, LC, ST, SMA, FC, universal 2.5 / 1.25 mm and more. The shirt-pocket size meter has a precision 660 nm LED source suitable for general POF / PCS testing, and a matching range of POF optimized power meters is also available. These quality instruments are ideal for testing critical infrastructure and other specialized applications, and we are always happy to discuss your special requirements. 

470 / 520 nm POF Test Source
January 2017

Kingfisher International is pleased to announce a specialized light source for POF/PCS testing at 470 nm (blue) and 520 nm (green) wavelengths. The KI2806 handheld battery powered test sources are high quality and robust instruments. They offer high accuracy, high power, interchangeable connectors, and many other useful features.

A matching range of POF / PCS optimised power meters and optical loss test sets is also available.  

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