Optical Power Leveler
July 2022

Kingfisher's novel Optical Power Leveler product is used to stabilise receiver power in an optical transmission system. Used instead of a fixed optical attenuator, it dynamically adjusts it's attenuation to keep the output power at a steady level, so it can compensate for varying laser power level and cable attenuation. Mounted on a standard DIN rail, and requiring only a 12 - 48V DC power supply, it is reliable and easy to use. It is set up locally, and doesn't need a telemetry link. It is particularly useful to resolve issues with SDN or "white box" optical networks. 

Two-Way OLTS Innovation Award
February 2022

The Lightwave Magazine Innovation Review 2022 has awarded an Honouree to Kingfisher's Two-Way Optical Loss Test Set. This is awarded to products that obviously improve the industry state-of-the-art. 

Our new Two-Way tester offers many improvements for users, in terms of size, run time, flexibility, accuracy & speed of use, and reporting capability. It also has a VFL built into the optical test signal, This makes it easy to find a misplaced fiber to test, increasingly useful as fiber counts in a single cable are now likely to be in hundreds to thousands of fibers.

We have worked hard on the many novel details of this product, and our team is very pleased to receive this industry recognition for our achievement.


KITS supported on Office 2021
December 2021

Our popular KITS™ 4.17 software works is now supported on Office 2021. No update is required.

KITS (Kingfisher International Testing Software) is used for data acquisition and standards compliant reporting with our optical power meters, loss test sets, two way testers and ORL meters, from our oldest to newest instruments. It is also backwards compatible with older Windows and Office versions, so can be used in a wide variety of practical situations.

KITS is suited for use with Office 365, and Office 2013+.

KITS on Windows 11
July 2021

Our popular KITS™ software works on Windows 11.

KITS software is used for data acquisition and standards compliant reporting with our optical power meters and optical loss test sets.

KITS 4.17 has updated pass / fail standards and also works with our new two-way / ORL / length tester series.

Fiber Optic Cleaning & Inspection Application Note
April 2021

Kingfisher International brings you a new application note on Cleaning & Inspection of fiber optic connectors. We have written this tutorial to comply with all related international standards, including the very recently released IEC 60825-2: 2021 standard on fibre optic laser safety, so it is a useful overall best-practices guide on how develop your work practices to meet current industry requirements.

There is also an in-depth review of related laser safety issues, which are becoming increasingly important for a variety of reasons.

Kingfisher also offers a variety of basic and advanced clean, inspect and test kits with equipment that meets these requirements.


Multilingual Quick Reference Guides
March 2021

Kingfisher now has Multilingual Quick Reference Guides available for all our KI9000 and KI2000 series instruments including Light Sources, Power Meters, LossTest Sets, and Two-Way Testers.

In English, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Arabic, we hope they will help a lot of people.

The quick reference guides are formatted for easy lamination, to provide a practical and durable field user guide.

KITS™ 4.17 software for Bi-directional Loss Test Reporting
March 2021

Kingfisher International is pleased to announce a new V4.17 release of our popular KITS™ software.

Used for recording and reporting bi-directional test results from our instruments, this new release incorporates pass/fail to the latest test standards, and compatibility with the new KI2000 Two-Way, ORL + Length Test instruments. Also included are some emulated instruments, so folk can try-before-buy.

The software has numerous useful features requested by customers over the years. Test data is secured and cannot be modified. Protected data files can be exported and re-imported. Pass/fail can be selected from test standards drop-downs, or other user specified standards. Data logging is useful for monitoring and R&D. There is an unformatted data dump from an instrument. 

Using this software with a suitable Two-Way Tester, a single key click performs a bidirectional loss, length and ORL test, and adds it to a pass/fail report, The excellent productivity makes this suitable for very high fiber count testing.

The software makes use of a convenient Excel front end, supports all 33 languages supported by Windows, and is compatible with Office 365 Excel, classic stand-alone MS Excel, 32 / 64 bit.

New Two-Way Loss, Length & ORL Tester
November 2020

The New KI27400 Series of Two-Way Loss, Length & ORL Testers set a new benchmark in field test productivity, accuracy and ease of use. To test: Fiber length, bi-directional loss at two or more wavelengths, and ORL at each end, now requires only one test hook-up and is completed in a few seconds, and the same test procedure applies to both single-mode and multimode fiber, so the same simple test method and results can be used for to all fibers in a network.

This tester eliminates a layer of administration, co-ordination, training and reporting when certifying a LAN to many standards, in addition to minimising test errors and providing high accuracy.

The full-function ORL capability can be used in both integrated Autotest mode, as well as a stand-alone ORL test mode. The user can apply a calibration offset and noise floor compensation, for enhanced rnge and accuracy. Calibration is traceable to ISO17025. 

The instruments are used as a pair, without defining any master/slave relationship. They are small and light, with an 80 hour battery life and sunlight readable display. Associated KITS software works securely with Excel, and can be used in real time to transfer readings to a report. Alternatively, the 8,000 fiber memory can be used to record pass/fail tests, for later reporting.

Versions include Quad, singlemode only, multimode only and also a convenient Visitester option, which illuminates the fiber under test.

Calibration of Free-Space Optical Power Meters & Detectors
August 2020

Kingfisher International is now able to offer calibration of a wide variety of free-space optical power meters, sensor heads and detectors used in various laboratory and optical bench style configurations, over a wavlength range of 350 - 1650 nm at 5 nm intervals, in the UV, Visible, NIR and IR spectrums with up to 1.4 % / 0.06 dB accuracy. Pictured is a typical laboratory Si detector head being precision aligned for calibration.

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