May 2024

EF Encircled Flux Launch Measurement Service

Kingfisher is pleased to announce the immediate availability of an Encircled Flux measuring service, based in at our premises in Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia.

Additionally, we can measure a wide variety of other multimode fiber launch conditions, at wavelengths from visible - SWIR, 400 - 1650 nm, including 850 / 1300 nm, and fiber core diameter up to 100 u and beyond.

This capability uses our own Kingfisher-designed measurement systems, recently developed to make best use of evolving solid state imaging technologies.

In addition to testing other existing equipment and conditioning devices, we can also provide EF compliance certificates on any of our multimode light source instruments.

May 2024

New VE Optical Power Meter offers better accuracy

Kingfisher introduces the KI9600-VE Optical Power Meter which offers improved accuracy for mixed multimode / single mode optical fiber applications. The unique and innovative VE (Visual Enhanced) InGaAs power meter gives 3x better accuracy at 850 nm compared to existing meters. This is particularly helpful for users who may work on mixed single mode and multimode systems. The tight operational power budget of many of today's 850 nm multimode systems, puts test accuracy at a premium. 

Existing InGaAs detectors offer an accuracy of about ±1.2 dB across the 850 nm band, due to wavelength sensitivity. In the same situation, VE detectors offer much better accuracy of ±0.3 dB.

The KI9600-VE is available for immediate delivery.

November 2023

Global eCommerce Updates for Customers

Kingfisher International is delighted to announce updates to our global eCommerce platform, offering an enhanced shopping experience for our customers worldwide.

eCommerce payments are now processed instantaneously, with fixed price shipping on all products; and free shipping for orders over $2K USD to select countries. We have also optimized our logistics to get products out to you sooner.

Keep an eye out for further enhancements over the next few months as we implement our updated platform.

July 2023

Built to take the heat!

With so many countries struggling under abnormally hot weather right now, it's reassuring to know that Kingfisher fiber optic testers are made to take this heat in their stride.

Specified for operation up to +55 C, our testers have always been designed for operation in the hot Australian climate. Things like de-rated components, alkaline batteries, custom LCDs that are equally clear in bright sunlight, well-specified optical detectors & input amplifiers, apparently over-specified linearity (it can drop off quite a bit in hot weather), and quality construction, all contribute to keep you going when things get hot. Benefit from our proven reliable testers.

July 2023

Tempo Communications Acquires Kingfisher International

VISTA, CA Tempo® Communications, a leading manufacturer of tools and test equipment for the global communications industry, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Kingfisher International®, an Australian based manufacturer of handheld fiber optic testers, effective July 1, 2023. This acquisition accelerates the growth of Tempo within the fiber optic installation and maintenance sector across telecom, datacom, wireless, electrical, defense and more.

Kingfisher’s Australian based manufacturing expands Tempo’s footprint with an additional regional center of competency enhancing Tempo’s current global distribution network. Their engineering expertise enhances Tempo’s existing technology, capacity, and capability within fiber optic testing; and will accelerate product development of future fiber test solutions.

“We are excited to add Kingfisher to the Tempo family” states Jason Butchko, President of Tempo Communications. “This acquisition will enable us to expand our product portfolio and provide our customers with a broader range of innovative solutions for installing, testing, and measuring fiber optic networks. We look forward to the innovation that comes from the combination of our two strong teams.”

“We are thrilled to join forces with Tempo,” said Bruce Robertson, President of Kingfisher International. “Together we will be able to offer our customers an even more comprehensive range of products and services.”

The company will add Kingfisher technology to their growing portfolio of professional fiber optic tools for technicians. Their current portfolio includes Fusion Splicers and Cleavers, Optical Power Meters, Fiber Identifiers, Loss Testers, OTDRs and more.

To view these and Tempo’s other products visit

About Tempo Communications

Tempo Communications, Inc. offers a complete line of reliable, industry-leading test and measurement solutions to address all stages of network deployment, enabling the development, installation, and maintenance of Copper/xDSL, Fiber, Cable, Ethernet, Wireless, Electrical and Irrigation networks. The Tempo Communications North American headquarters remains in Vista, CA, with its European HQ in Cwmbran, UK.

About Kingfisher International

Kingfisher was founded in 1986 by Bruce & Rosmin Robertson with the vision of simplifying optical communications testing. For 37 years, Kingfisher's fiber optic test equipment has provided industry-leading ROI, accuracy, and flexibility. This innovation started with the world's first handheld laser light source and continues today with flexible and inexpensive testing capability. Kingfisher International is a manufacturer of handheld fiber optic testers for niche and mainstream applications across telecom, datacom, wireless, defense, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, AV, and research. Kingfisher is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with global distribution across 70 countries.

Media Contact

Ashley Skitt, Director of Marketing
Tempo Communications
[email protected]
+1 760-510-0594

May 2023

H6 Very-High-Power Optical Power Meter

Kingfisher is pleased to offer a very-high-power fiber optic power meter to test power, loss and continuity on single mode fiber optic systems from -40 to +33 dBm / 10 mw - 2 Watts. The H6 high-power detector head uses an innovative attenuator device for improved overall test accuracy compared to existing solutions. This instrument is of interest to staff working on pump lasers, optical amplifiers and other laboratory situations with maximal optical power in single mode fiber. This inexpensive yet full-feature instrument has comprehensive report generation and data logging capabilities with a variety of useful features for maximum productivity and flexibility. The instrument is available with a PC or APC connector interface, with a range of interchangeable connector styles.

May 2023

MMC Connector Adaptor for Test Equipment

Kingfisher is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MMC connector adaptors for Optical Power Meters and Inspection Microscopes. Believed to be the industry's first such test adaptors, they are a good practical test solution for all fiber types and variants of the MMC connector. The matching optical microscope is available with x200 magnification for detailed inspection, or x40 magnification for a wide field of view image of the end-face. A range of matching power meters covers single or stacked fiber ribbons up to 16 fibers wide, and all fiber / wavelength types.

October 2022

OTDR Calibration

Kingfisher International is pleased to announce that our Optical Calibration Laboratory can now calibrate any typical OTDR, with calibration traceable to ISO/IEC 17025. We perform a pass/fail check on the optical connector to IEC61300-3-35, then do length, loss, ORL and dynamic range performance tests in conformance with EN 61746-1:2011&AC:2014 Calibration of optical time-domain-reflectometers (OTDR) -- Part 1: OTDR for single-mode fibres.

September 2022

Broadband Spectral Characterisation

Kingfisher International can now efficiently test broadband spectral loss or responsivity of fiber optic devices, and optical detectors, from 350 - 1650 nm in 5 nm increments.

Test results we have achieved on this facility have only a vague resemblance to published data in many cases, so we think that this must be an unusual capability, and that a lot of published data is not based on real measurements.

Absolute accuracy of these tests is of the order of 1.4%, and is NATA/ILAC traceable to ISO/IEC 17025.

For example, these detector responsivity graphs have 250 data points per device

In 1993, the Kingfisher Optical Calibration Laboratory, became the first commercial optical calibration laboratory in Asia to achieve accredited traceability status. 



August 2022

Plastic Optical Fiber Interchangeable Connector

Kingfisher International has recently added a plastic optical fiber version of it's G2 series interchangeable optical connector, so this panel-mount fiber optic connector is now available in POF, multimode and single mode variants. This useful device lets end-users easily swap optical connector styles, which include LC, SC, FC, ST, E2000, MU, LSA, various POF, HFBR, SMA, universal 2.5 mm ferrule and universal 1.25 ferrule. The G2 connector is of general interest to equipment manufacturers, laboratories, researchers, educators and fiber optic production service and QA facilities. The device can be locked to prevent adaptor removal, and is available with CWDM colour coding.

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