Kingfisher International announces availability of high quality test equipment for the new MPO-16 and MPO-32 connectors, for use with the up coming 400 Gigabit Ethernet standard. 

The shirt-pocket size KI 9600XL-Ge7 and feature-rich KI 2800XL-Ge7 Optical Power Meters offer a range of benefits including ease of use, high accuracy and improved productivity, and the KI2600XL-Ge7 includes excellent reporting software.

The proven KI 6010 FiberSafe Microscope is now available with MPO-16 and MPO 32 adaptors, and is a convenient way to inspect fiber ends at x200 magnification. An optional camera can be used to capture pictures of the connector ends.

These instruments can be used with multimode and single mode fiber, and also with a wide range of other connectors such as MPO-12/24, LC, SC etc,

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