Hybrid Interchangeable Adapter Series

For most Kingfisher sources, meters, LTS, attenuators & test leads

  • For most KI2xxx, KI9xxx, KI7xxx, KI3xxx series instruments. 
  • For SM, MM & POF application unless stated.
  • PC / APC polish type of both inserted fiber connectors, must be the same.
  • Useful for converting patch lead connector style during testing.
  • Incorporate precision ceramic sleeves unless stated.
  • Some of these are unique & made by Kingfisher.
  • The industry's widest range of hybrid adaptors.

More interchangeable connector styles

LC Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT076

LC Simplex, metal body.

FC Hybrid Connector Adaptor OPT051

FC. OPT081 is preferred for power meters, since FC ceramic sleeves break easily.

2.5 mm Universal Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT081

Universal 2.5 mm, including Duplex SC. Please observe application advice.

1.25 mm Universal Hybrid Connector Adaptor OPT085

Universal 1.25 mm. Also fits: Duplex LC, Senko CS, SN duplex, and USconec MDC duplex connectors. Please observe application advice.

LC / F3000 Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT072

For F3000 PC Simplex. This is an LC-PC adapter that also fits F3000. For LC-PC only use, OPT076 is better value and more robust.

POF Multi-Connector Hybrid Adapter OPT077

POF Multi-Adapter for POF. For: HFBR all types, bare POF, Mini Toslink, 2.5mm, Versatile Link, Redlink. Ferrule sizes: 3.85, 3.5, 3.2, 2.55, 2.4, 2.3 mm x 8.5 mm deep. Please observe application advice.

HFBR Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT078

HFBR. For POF simplex / duplex / latching / non-latching / Versatile Link / Redlink connectors. Please observe application advice.

SMA Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT082

SMA. Please observe application advice

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