Become a Distribution or Commercial partner

Become a global sales partner

Kingfisher operates through a stable network of high quality sales, support & calibration partners around the world, some of which have been with us for 30 years. This is how we do business. We welcome inquiries from any person or organization that would like to become part of our network. We would expect either significant specialist expertise, or significant distribution strength into a target market.


Kingfisher International is keen to provide assistance to partners seeking to develop their online presence through web stores.

We are putting the finishing touches to an endpoint that provides a shopify product import formatted CSV list of products + variants, complete with current Kingfisher stock levels and price list in your local currency. (add &format=json for JSON formatted data).

If you'd like us to provide an endpoint for a different eCommerce system, please send a request to our sales team.

Alternately, these fields can be mapped for other web stores.

Enquire about distributing or reselling Kingfisher.

Commercial partnerships

Kingfisher International is a privately held Australian-owned business based in Melbourne, Australia.

We have a significant history of achievement, and are currently experiencing sustained sales growth. 

If you are interested in forming a broad commercial partnership with Kingfisher, please contact a director