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Our mission

Kingfisher's vision of simplifying optical communications testing is our contribution to advancing the information age. Our focus on practical, and easy to use products continues to lead the way in fiber optics today.

Our products

Our fiber optic test equipment leads the industry on ROI, performance and flexibility. It is used for installation, certification, and repair of fiber optic networks across all sectors - telecommunications, 5G, LAN, FTTH, cloud (private, data-center, and hyper-scale), defense, industrial, and aerospace. We've added features to lower network installation cost, and improve customer confidence in their network. Our testers are well loved by academics and professionals alike for their unparalleled reliability, accuracy, and precision.

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Founder's profile & history

Bruce Robertson obtained a BSc Hons in Engineering Science at Exeter University UK in 1979. Subsequently at the prestigious GEC Hirst Research Centre, he became the youngest R&D group leader, responsible for evaluating and experimenting with promising emerging technologies in the fields of fiber optics, test & measurement, semiconductor manufacture, sensors, robotics, defence and manufacturing. He then moved to Australia, and took on a role as an engineering consultant with an interest in optics, photonics, and electronics. Bruce & Rosmin founded the company in 1986, and Bruce developed the world's first handheld optical laser source for fiber optic testing. The couple were surprised at how well the product was received, and Kingfisher's reputation for driving precision, accuracy, practicality, and thoughtful design has preceded it ever since.

Kingfisher is presently owned and operated by Bruce Robertson, remains an industry leader of handheld fiber test solutions. Kingfisher has received numerous endorsements from government and industry bodies. 

Our timeline of innovation and invention.

Our operations

ilac-nata Optical Accreditation

Kingfisher designs, develops, manufactures, calibrates, supports, and distributes from our secure facility in Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia.

We maintain an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Optical Calibration Laboratory

Our quality management program conforms to ISO 9001 (non externally audited) and, is core to our operational commitment to quality.

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Why "Kingfisher"?

Different species of the Kingfisher family of birds can be found in almost every country. Their responsive nature, flexible and precise maneuvering, incredible speed, focus, power, and beauty have been a constant source of inspiration to us.
We seek to reflect the beauty, harmony, longevity, intuition and functionality of the natural world in everything we produce.

Kingfisher International is wholly Australian owned and based, and is not related to any other companies with similar names.

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