The Kingfisher Advantage

Based on stories from our customers, here's where we think Kingfisher can drive value for you:

Improve your test capability 

  • More flexibility: reuse training & techniques across capabilities; field/service providers to enterprise and hyper-scale
  • Handle unusual/new requirements: flexible general use kits, and a large inter-operable specialist tester range
  • Ramp-up projects quickly: Ex-stock availability, long-lasting products, consistent design, inter-compatible automation
  • Keep your staff happy: Easy to use, easy to learn with. Flexible, reliable, intuitively and thoughtfully designed
  • Ease staff training & on-boarding: quick and reliably get going with intuitive design & quick start documentation   

Build integrity and credibility

  • Quickly diagnose problems and test errors, relying on documented techniques based on basic fault-finding principles
  • Greater precision & assurance increases reliability & longevity, reducing service calls, and allowing more upgrades 
  • Reduce back-office data manipulation thanks to productive & powerful reporting, integration, & printing software
  • Produce secured and professional reports & labels, backed by our globally recognized brand
  • ILAC / NATA / ISO 17025 Accredited optical calibrations

Avoid lock-in

  • We give you the tools to handle edge-cases, new tech, or non-standard situations without buying more equipment
  • Key technical details aren't hidden in 'integrated solutions', rather explained clearly and simply
  • We advocate open & scientific standards. No software-enforced calibration, and no limitations on how you calibrate
  • We provide free, full-power, customization, secure reporting software and excel exports for data/reporting
  • Our unique & powerful test automation capabilities are interoperable across the vast majority of our products
  • Accessories (including batteries, chargers, connector adapters) are all standards based
  • We provide free lifetime free software/firmware updates

We're here for you

  • Expert technical and sales support, ensuring you get the right solution for your needs
  • Fixed price service & repair, with fast turn-around
  • Long calibration periods and a long warranty
  • We are driven by a clear vision, and 30 years experience in driving that goal globally
  • Quick escalation to senior design engineers in case of truly unusual and unique requirements

We'd like to invite you to investigate our products, and discover the Kingfisher advantage for yourself. You'll find detailed feature explanations, and comprehensive competitor comparisons, which will help you make the most informed decision for your needs.

As questions arise during your research, please feel free to contact one of our partners in your country with any queries. If you're unsure what you need, try filling out our 'request a quote form' with as much information as you can, and we'll be happy to help you get started.