Some of our customers

Some of our well-known customers:

Keysight Keysight Logo.svg
Thales Thales Logo.svg
Amazon Amazon logo.svg
Google Each letter of "Google" is colored (from left to right) in blue, red, yellow, blue, green, and red.
Boeing Boeing full logo.svg
Royal Australian Navy
Royal Australian Air Force Logo of the Royal Australian Air Force.svg
NBN Co NBN Co - Wikipedia
Telstra Telstra logo.svg
Siemens Siemens AG logo.svg
Tesla undefined
NASA A blue sphere with stars, white letters N-A-S-A in Helvetica font; a red chevron representing wings, and an orbiting spacecraft
Melbourne University Logo of the University of Melbourne.svg
China Telecom China Telecom Logo.svg
USA Department of Defense United States Department of Defense Logo.svg
BAE Systems Australia BAE Systems logo.svg
Deutsche Telecom Telekom Logo 2013.svg

 TIM Group (formerly Telecom Italia S.p.A.)

BHP BHP 2017 logo.svg
ABB ABB logo.svg
Raytheon/Collins Aerospace Collins Aerospace Logo.png
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