A number of ISO17025 traceable calibration wavelengths have been added to our KI2600XL-Si5 optical power meter, and KI2709XL-SI5 optical loss test set including:

400, 430, 470, 490, 520, 550, 580, 600, 635, 650, 660, 670, 700, 740, 780, 820, 850, 880, 910, 940, 980 nm. 

These wavelengths have diverse applications in power and loss testing of multimode glass, step index glass, PCS/ HCS / POF plastic optical fiber systems, and testing various LED or laser emitters, light sources, and systems.

Featuring excellent 1.4% traceable calibration accuracy at each wavelength, and a 5 mm diameter optical detector, these instruments provide excellent confidence and flexibility for a variety of optical power testing applications. A wide range of optical connector adapters is also available, along with data logging and loss reporting software.

New Calibration Wavelengths for Silicon Detector Optical Power Meters
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