Broadband loss / responsivity 350 - 1650 nm Calibration

We can calibrate your optical detector, optical power meter or the attenuation of a device, with a fiber optic or free space interface, at two service price levels: ISO9001 or ISO/IEC 17025 

  • This is a specialised broadband calibration that will probably be customised to your requirements
  • We check the cleanliness of the optical interface. If we find a performance problem with the received item, we will let you know.
  • Please consider the number of wavelength data points required. maximum resolution is 5 nm increments.
  • We test calibration accuracy or optical loss
  • We usually use a ceramic connector for calibration, ask if you want some other condition there.
  • We have NATA traceability for optical power meter calibration from 350 - 1650 nm 
  • We comply with the latest power meter calibration standards 

Here are some detector responsivity tests using this test method

Optical Detector Spectral Responsivity Graph: Silicon, Germanium, InGaAs 


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