Free Space Beam or Fiber Optic Calibration

Our expertise has traditionally been in fiber optic test. Our NATA accreditation covers systems with a fiber optic interface.

Recently, we have acquired equipment and expertise to calibrate free-space test equipment. This may be NATA/ ISO/IEC 17025 if we can create a temporary fiber optic interface for calibration purposes, otherwise it is ISO9001.

  • For free space light source calibration, the light beam should be 3 mm diameter in order to fit onto a 5mm detector¬†
  • For free space power meter calibration, the detector diameter should be 3 mm or larger
  • For free space attenuator calibration, the device should accommodate a light beam 3 mm diameter

Free space detector being calibrated using a fiber optic beam

Free Sapce Optical Calibration Equipment

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