Multimode test standard compliance

What it does

Our LED sources / loss test sets are Encircled Flux compliant. This applies to equipment produced since 2007.

This means they have a defined modal fill, to achieve consistent loss measurement between different items of test equipment.

Our LED source beam profile meets :

  • IEC 61280-4-1 Ed 3 Encircled Flux standards, at 850 nm into 50 u core fiber.
  • IEC 61300-1 Ed 3 "Equilibrium Modal Distribution" or "CPR or Coupled Power Ratio": Coupled Power Ratio Category 1 for 850 / 1300 nm, and 50 and 62.5u core fiber.

Kingfisher encircled flux compliance certificate

Standards compliant test methods

User benefits

Improves test consistency.

Simplifies loss testing, since special test leads are not required.

Avoids purchase, maintenance & management of expensive EF compliant test reference leads.

In field use, we found that with Kingfisher EF compliant LED sources, multimode test uncertainty is typically limited by randomly changing the test leads. If mandrels are also used, variability can be further improved. Expected test uncertainty is explored in further detail in Application Note.

The role of mandrel wraps

It is often wrongly assumed that a mandrel wrap can be used to create an EMD, CPR or EF modal condition. With modern multimode fiber, it does no such thing.

What a mandrel does do, is to strip off unstable edge modes, and so generally improve measurement consistency.

Kingfisher provides a pair of TIA-568-C.0 compliant mandrels with every LED source, for 50 u and 62.5 u core fiber. See brochure of mandrels for more detail.

Standards Compliant Mandrel Wrap

FOTP-50 Method A

Standards Compliant Multimode Fiber Mandrels

Multimode Test Standards Compliant Instruments

Pocket Fiber Source KI 9800A Series

A simple shirt-pocket size test source, with options for all networks

Suited for PON WDM POF/PCS SMF MMF Fault
KI9822A In Stock
KI9812A In Stock
KI9809AM In Stock
KI9828A-APC In Stock
KI9820A In Stock
KI9807A In Stock

Handheld Source KI 2400 & 2800 Series

  • Versatile productivity source
  • Options for SM, MM, POF etc
  • SM + MM quad up to 6 λ
  • Superior stability options
  • Unique VisiTester VFL
Suited for WDM MPO POF/PCS SMF MMF Hi Pwr Fault
KI2824 In Stock
KI2824-APC In Stock
KI2422 In Stock
KI2822 In Stock
KI28622 In Stock
KI2823 In Stock
KI2803 In Stock
KI28010-APC In Stock
KI2806 In Stock

Two-Way Loss / Length / ORL Test Set KI 23400 Series

  • Bi-directional loss, length & ORL on one fiber
  • Fastest & most accurate fiber certifier
  • Zero warm-up time sources to 6 λ
  • Pass / fail display
  • Introductory video clip

Loss Test Set KI 2700 Series

  • Single-directional loss on one fiber
  • Versatile Optical Loss Test Set
  • MPO, CS, POF versions
  • Up to 6 λ sources
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