VisiTest option


What it does                                                                                                                     

It is a test light source option that combines a VFL with the Autotest test signal.

For basic continuity / polarity testing, VisiTest can be used as a normal Eye-safe Class 1 VFL fiber optic tester with excellent range.

When the source is used in manual mode (not Autotest), VisiTest is off.

Note that on combined LED & Laser instruments, VisiTest is on the laser output only unless specified at time of ordering, or unless a dual-VisiTest unit is ordered.

Benefit: Quickly identifies a the fiber to connect to a power meter, or a fault

  • During Autotest loss testing, the source connected fiber flashes at the power meter end, identifying the active fiber to the remote operator.Saves time, training and guesswork, particularly for high fiber counts or where labeling is poor.
  • VisiTest is both red and infra-red, so is excellent for long distance fault finding. The VFL can be used on short distance, and simultaneously a fiber identifier with power reading can be used for long distance. As the 1310 / 1550 nm wavelengths alternate, the user can see a cable bending loss problem, eg if if the 1550 nm power is down.

Products with VisiTest Option

Handheld Source KI 2400 & 2800 Series

  • Versatile productivity source
  • Options for SM, MM, POF etc
  • SM + MM quad up to 6 λ
  • Superior stability options
  • Unique VisiTester VFL

Loss Test Set KI 2700 Series

  • Single-directional loss on one fiber
  • Versatile Optical Loss Test Set
  • MPO, CS, POF versions
  • Up to 6 λ sources

Two-Way Loss / Length Test Set KI 27400 Series

  • Bi-directional loss & length on one fiber
  • Fastest fiber certifier
  • Pass / fail display
  • Up to 6 λ
  • Introductory video clip
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