PON / GPON Service Turn-Up & Maintenance Test Kit KI-TK083

Kit, Complete, PON Service Turn-Up

PON service turrn-up kit. Test, inspect & clean

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An effective PON / GPON service turn-up & maintenance kit including a PON meter, VFL, microscope and cleaning tools, for sale via our expert distributors.
The PON meter has software for setting pass/fail levels, and test data reporting.

Typical test, inspection & cleaning applications

  • Live OLT power levels with pass/ fail, at 1310 / 1490 / 1550 nm.
  • Optical continuity with a visible fault locator pen.
  • Optical connector end-face inspection with microscope x200.
  • Optical connector cleaning tools & materials.
  • Generally meets safety regulations & standards based test procedures.

Connector & battery summary

SC APC connectors.
Meter accepts SC APC connectors.
accepts SC/APC and most 2.5 mm PC connectors. Also OK for occasional other APC use.
VFL accepts most 2.5 mm PC/APC connectors.
Meter 4 x AA alkaline, run time >40 hours.
Microscope 1 x AAA alkaline. Run time >300 hr life. Micro USB power. 

VFL 2 x AAA alkaline. Run time >40 hours

We gladly adjust kits to meet your exact needs.

Interchangeable connector adapters(for microscope)
Test leads, cleaning materials & consumables

VFL pen
Video camera
Video microscope

Kit Contents

Light Sources & VFL

Visual Fault Locator Pen KI 6358

  • VFL visual fault locator pen
  • Class 1 laser, eye-safe
  • Rugged with AAA batteries

Optical Power Meters

Fiber Inspection Scopes

FiberSafe Microscope KI6610

  • 200x microscope for inspection of SM, MM, and MPO networks
  • Best quality, image & eye safety
  • Wide range of interchangeable adaptors

Accessories & Patch Leads

Semi-Rigid Carry Case for Test Kits OPT155

  • Sturdy carry case made of durable custom moulded urethane foam, splash resistant cloth outer covering with zipper, carry strap.
  • Accommodates any three KI9000 instruments.
  • Comfortable to use
  • Space for additional (not supplied): batteries, mandrel wraps, test leads, connector adaptors, documentation, instruments.
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