Test Equipment for POF, PCS, HCS, PMMI networks

Other multimode test equipment

Pocket Power Meter KI 9600A Series

  • Simple shirt-pocket size power meter
  • Options for all networks
  • Low skill Tamper-Lock mode
  • Ideal for transmission installers

Handheld Power Meter KI 2600 Series

  • Productivity fiber optic meter
  • Options for all networks
  • Ideal for cable installers
  • Powerful reporting capability
  • Optional VFL

Visual Fault Locator Pen KI 6300 Series

  • Pen-sized universal laser VFL 1mW(1.7dBm) or 5mW(7dBm)
  • Eye safe class 1 or class 2M laser
  • LC / 1.25 mm universal adapter option

Pocket Fiber Source KI 9800A Series

A simple shirt-pocket size test source, with options for all networks


Handheld Source KI 2400 & 2800 Series

  • Versatile productivity source
  • Options for SM, MM, POF etc
  • SM + MM quad up to 6 λ
  • Superior stability options
  • Unique VisiTester VFL

Loss Test Set KI 2700 Series

  • Single-directional loss on one fiber
  • Versatile Optical Loss Test Set
  • MPO, CS, POF versions
  • Up to 6 λ sources

Variable Optical Attenuator KI 7010 Series

  • SM, MM & POF versions
  • Best optical specifications
  • Easy to use, rugged & reliable
  • Remote control via RS232

FiberSafe Microscope KI 6610 Series

  • Microscope for inspection of SM, MM, MPO and POF networks
  • Best quality, image & eye safety
  • Wide range of interchangeable adaptors
  • Many helpful features



Hybrid Adapter Series

  • Sources, attenuators, OLTS
  • Most power meters except XL series
  • G2 connector
  • Useful to make up test adapter leads

XL Series Power Meter Adapter Series

  • Large area XL series power meters
  • Legacy KI6000 power meters
  • Also fits other instruments

KI 6680 / Dimension AutoGet Wi-Fi Scope Adapter Series

  • KI668x Fiber Inspection Probe
  • Autoget Wi-Fi Inspection Probe

POF Collimator Assembly

POF air-gap collimator assembly useful to place bulk optics devices, sensors or samples into plastic optical fiber light path.

Suited for POF/PCS

G2 Panel Mount Connector Series

  • Universal Optical Connector for OEM, test & production
  • For connectors with 2.5 & 1.25 mm ferrule, SMA, POF and others
Suited for POF/PCS

Miscellaneous Accessories

Test accessories, kit components and replacement cleaning consumables.


Fiber Test Leads

SM MM POF Patch Leads SC, LC and SMA Test Grade. PC & APC


POF/PCS/HCS Simple Loss Test Kit KI-TK054

  • For POF / PCS fiber 
  • Light source 660
  • Power meter
  • Reporting software, manual data entry

Typical applications for POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) include short distance, low data rate links in:

  • Industrial LAN networks & machine control
  • Sensors
  • Audio, AV & entertainment
  • Computers
  • Automotive & vehicle
  • Aerospace
  • Wearables
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