Plastic optical fiber (POF, PCS, HCS, PMMI)

Test equipment for 1 mm plastic optical fiber, hard-clad silica fiber or polymer-clad silica fiber (POF, PCS & HCS). Bare plastic fiber, and many connector types supported.

Kingfisher testers support POF connector styles: Bare fiber, HFBR duplex/simplex/latching/non-latching (4516, 4531, 4521, Versatile Link, Broadcom, Avago etc), SMA (Sercos I & II), ST, SC, Toslink/SPDIF/mini-Toslink and others.

KI 6300 Pen Visual Fault Locator

  • Pen-sized universal laser VFL 1mW
  • Eye safe class 1 laser
  • LC / 1.25 mm universal adapter option
Suited for VFL   PON   MPO   POF/PCS   SMF   MMF  

KI 6610 FiberSafe Microscope

  • Microscope for inspection of SM, MM, MPO and POF networks
  • Best quality, image & eye safety
  • Wide range of interchangeable adaptors
  • Many helpful features



POF air-gap collimator assembly useful to place bulk optics devices, sensors or samples into plastic optical fiber light path.

Suited for POF/PCS  

Hybrid Adaptor Series

  • Sources, attenuators, OLTS
  • Most power meters except XL series
  • G2 connector
  • Useful to make test adapter leads

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Typical applications for POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) include short distance, low data rate links in:

  • Industrial LAN networks & machine control
  • Sensors
  • Audio, AV & entertainment
  • Computers
  • Automotive & vehicle
  • Aerospace
  • Wearables