TamperLock mode

Fiber test technician

What it does

TamperLock mode locks the settings of a source or meter so the instrument can only be turned on and off, and a reference taken.

For example:

  • A source and meter can both be set "permanently" to a required λ and dB mode for loss testing.
  • A power meter only can be set to a required λ and dBm for transmission power testing.
  • A source can be set to a particular tone & λ for use with a fiber identifier.

The mode can be exited if needed, for example if it is found to be incorrect while deployed on a different job.

To prevent tampering, it's status can be tracked by a unique user PIN code.

Unique user benefits 

  • Useful for repetitive measurements to avoid mistakes, reduce skill, and work faster
  • The same instruments can be set up for different applications, rather than having to buy multiple very basic instruments for each application.
  • Improve test traceability and quality.
  • Escape mechanism for when it's inappropriate.
  • Designed to be managed by one or more supervisors.

TamperLock mode Instruments

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