A highly cushioned and convenient carry case, sturdily constructed of durable custom moulded urethane foam, splash resistant cloth outer covering with zipper and separator, carry strap.

  • Is the basis for a versatile clean, inspect & test kit.
  • Fits two KI2000 series instruments, or older KI7000 series instruments.
  • Fits three KI9000 series instruments.
  • Fits Fibersafe optical microscope.
  • Fits VFL pen.
  • Space for additional: (not supplied unless a standard instrument accessory) batteries, connector adaptors, patch cords, power leads, documentation, mandrel wraps.

The compartment-design helps avoid leaving items on-site. For most users, this semi-rigid case provides sufficient instrument protection, but at the same time is soft around the edges, so is a much more pleasant user experience than a hard-shell case.

Cleaning materials supplied:
5x 2.5mm Fiber Conn Cleaning Sticks (TOOL CLEAN-03)
5x 1.25mm Fiber Conn Cleaning Sticks (TOOL CLEAN-04)
1x Blower Brush (TOOL CLEAN-01A)
1x Fiber Conn Cleaning Cartridge (TOOL CLEAN-09A)

Documentation & Support


In the box

Stick-Type Cleaner 2.5 mm TOOL CLEAN-03

To clean the end face and mating sleeve of a fiber optic connector with 2.5 mm diameter ferrule. SC, FC, ST etc.

Stick-type Cleaner 1.25 mm TOOL CLEAN-04

To clean the end face and mating sleeve of a fiber optic connector with 1.25 mm diameter ferrule, LC, SN etc

Fiber Connector Cleaner Cartridge TOOL CLEAN-09A

To clean a connector end face / tip, prior to connector insertion into a mating adaptor.

Puffer Brush TOOL BRUSH-01

For cleaning optical test equipment interfaces. (not for cleaning fiber connector tips)

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