A combined power meter, variable optical attenuator and set-point controller for use on a 1490~1610 nm SM system, with LC connectors.

The OPL provides automatic power levelling in one single-direction or bi-directional fiber transmission line. It would typically be used instead of a fixed attenuator.

Fitted to a 35 mm DIN rail, and provided with a 12 - 48V power supply, this is an easy, reliable and unique solution to control transmission problems caused by varying receiver power levels, and is typically useful to solve optical power management issues in SDN or "white box" type installations.

No telemetry link is required. Please enquire for alternative optical configurations and specifications.


KI5011 specifications
Country of Origin Australia
Shipping Weight 1100 g
General Optical Power Leveler KI 5000 Series specifications
Technology Attenuator, power monitor & set-point control
Output power set-point -7 ~ -17 dBm (user adjustable)
Output power stability ± 0.3 dB (@ 1310 nm for KI5010) / (@1550 nm for KI5011)
Output power setting resolution 0.5 dB
Attenuation range 2 to 30 dB
Operating wavelength 1270~1330 nm (KI5010) / 1490~1610 nm (KI5011)
Response time < 1 sec
Connector type LC-PC Duplex or LC/APC (one fiber in, one fiber out)
Input/output power handling Single or bidirectional
Fiber type 9.5/125 um SMF (typical)
ORL Limited by LC/PC connectors
PDL 0.2 dB
Max continuous power 10 dBm
Operating temperature -40 ~ 65 degree C
Relative humidity 95% (non-condensing)
Housing Internally mounted 35 mm DIN rail
MTBF >100 Years @25 degree C (theoretical)
Power supply 12~48 Volt DC (on electrical power loss: pass-through mode)
User controls 2 up/down buttons, status indication, simple numeric display, USB for maintenance
Size 115 (D) x 98(H) x 22(W) mm

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