Download KITS™ Software

Download KITS 4.17 (Beta)

For KI234xx/KI274xx series Two-Way Testers only. For all other instruments, use V 4.16
Release date 6 Mar 2021, 10 MB README
Instrument with firmware version 1.03 and above

See also General Requirements below.


Download KITS 4.16

Release date 10 Oct 2018, 10 Mb README

General Requirements:

  • If upgrading an older version, manually uninstall the old version and restart Windows before installing the new version.
  • Either: Windows XP to Windows 11 (tested on Windows 11, 6 July 2021).
    Or: Apple OSX (Mavericks) using Parallels 9.
  • Either: For full functionality: MS Office 2007 onwards, 32 / 64 bit.
    Or: Data file download utility only "Save csv": MS Office is not required. This function doesn't work on Windows XP.
  • KI7000 series instrument with firmware V5 and above.
    KI2000 series instrument with firmware V0.05 and above.
  • KITS™ support for non-English language environments is as follows:
    English language installations of Microsoft Office require a relevant language Microsoft Office MUI (Multilingual User Interface) to run in another language.
    Non-English language installations of Microsoft Office require an English language Microsoft Office MUI.
  • FAQ

What's New / System Requirements / User Manual

KITS™ Instrument Driver only

For KI2000 series instruments

KITS™ Legacy Versions

Download KITS™ Legacy Versions

General Requirements:

  • Windows 95 onwards
  • Microsoft Office 98 onwards
  • Older instrument firmware versions