KI 6106 10G/XG PON Power Meter

An in-line PON meter is used during 10G FTTH / PON service turn-up or maintenance, to perform a live test with the OLT equipment.

  • Easy to use, compact, rugged & economical
  • Fast reading and settling time
  • Sunlight readable backlit display
  • Pass / fail display
  • 1270 & 1310 nm upstream, 1490 & 1577 nm downstream
  • 10 hr from builtin Lithium battery & auto off
  • 100 test memory & real time clock
  • PC software for downloading results & setting pass / fail
  • 1 year warranty, 3 year calibration cycle
  • Full QA report with ISO9001 compliant calibration

Note: This instrument is designed to test PON transmission power. Alternatively, for loss testing use, it requires a non-standard KI2000 series test source with specific CWDM compliant lasers.


General KI 6106 10G/XG PON Power Meter specifications

Detector type InGaAs
Passband Upstream: 1270 nm (FWHM: 1260~1280) & 1310 nm (FWHM: 1290~1330), Downstream: 1490 nm (FWHM: 1470~1505) & 1577 nm (FWHM: 1570 ~1585)
Power range -30 ~ 10 dBm (@ 1270 & 1310 nm) / -45 ~ 10 dBm (@ 1490 & 1577 nm)
Damage level > 10 dBm
Isolation between wavelengths Up to 40 dB
Uncertainty 0.5 dB (max)
Linearity 0.1 dB
Polarization loss < 0.25 dB
Insertion Loss < 1.5 dB
Return loss 50 dB
Display size 44 mm x 57 mm
Show results dBm / W / dB, pass / fail
Display resolution 0.01 dB
Auto off Selectable
Memory 99 records of 4 wavelengths test
Data software via USB-mini
Battery 4x AA (LR6) Alkaline
Battery life 18 hours
Operating / storage temperature 10 ~ 50 °C / -25 ~ 70 °C
Relative humidity 95%
Unit size 200 mm x 90 mm x 43 mm
Unit weight 0.4 kg
Shipment weight 1 kg
Calibration validity 3 years
Warranty 1 year

In the box

QA Certificate (ISO9001)

Standard accessories, QA certificate (ISO9001 compliant)

Quantity: 1
Part Number: QA Certificate (ISO9001 compliant)
User Manual

Standard accessories, Instrument user manual

Alternatively, download from Kingfisher's website for free.
Part Number: User Manual
USB Cable (Mini)

Standard accessories, USB cable A-to-Mini type

Quantity: 1
Part Number: USB Cable (Mini)
Optical Test Lead (SC/APC-SC/APC SMF)

Standard accessories, SMF test lead, SC/APC-SC/APC

Quantity: 1
Part Number: Optical Test Lead (SC/APC-SC/APC SMF)

Standard accessories, Management software & user manual in CD

Alternatively, the manual and software can be downloaded from Kingfisher's website for free.
Part Number: CD
Cleaning Stick Pack

Standard accessories, 2.5 mm cleaning stick, 10-stick pack

Quantity: 1
Part Number: Cleaning Stick Pack
Charger (XGPON Meter)

Standard accessories, Adaptor/charger for KI6106 XGPON meter

Quantity: 1
Part Number: Charger (XGPON Meter)
Carry Pouch (PON meters)

Standard accessories, Carry pouch for KI6102 & KI6106

Quantity: 1
Part Number: Carry Pouch (PON meters)

More Accessories...

Part Number Description + Applications MSRP *
KI6106-APC In-line 10G/XG PON Power Meter, SC/APC


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