The KI 7020B hand held Fiber Optic Variable Attenuator is a precision handheld instrument commonly used for testing 62.5 u multimode mode fiber sytems for optical system margin and linearity. Superior specifications, high productivity and remote control capability also make this a genuine laboratory grade instrument. An additonal typical application is as a passive adjustable attenuator pad in a transmision system.  

  • Easy to use, accurate & productive instrument
  • Excellent linearity and absolute loss accuracy
  • Power handling to >+30 dBm / 1000 miliwatts
  • Broadband, flat λ response
  • Low minimum insertion loss
  • Excellent ORL & PMD characteristics
  • Supplied with metal free SC, ST, LC interchangeable connectors
  • Remote control (Labwindows) software
  • Set attenuation is unaffected by power on/off status
  • Very long battery life

KI7021B specifications

Fiber type 62.5 /125 µm
Range 3.0 ~ 60.0 dB
Resolution 0.05 dB
Linearity / Repeatability 0.03 dB
Absolute uncertainty 0.3 dB
Power capability +30 dBm
Optical return loss (ORL) 60 dB
Polarization dependent loss (PDL) < 0.1 dB
Thermal stability over temperature ±0.02 dB
Operating wavelength range 700 ~ 1400 nm
Nominal Calibration wavelengths 850, 1300 nm
Wavelength dependence (850 ~ 1300 nm) < ±0.5 dB up to 20 dB

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General KI 7010 Series Variable Optical Attenuator specifications

Calibration validity (ISO17025) 3 years
Interface RS232 (3.5mm jack connector, default baud 9.6K)
Power batteries or external
Battery type 2x C (R14) Alkaline
Battery life 7.6 A/Hour
External power 9~12 V DC with ID2.5mm(+ve)-OD5.5mm-plug
Auto off Selectable
Case Polycarbonate, 1-meter drop tested, with captive caps
Size 190 mm x 130 mm x 70 mm
Unit weight 0.52 kg
Shipping weight 1.5 Kg
Operating / storage temperature -15 to 55 °C / -25 to 70 °C
Relative humidity 0 ~ 95 %
Warranty 3 years

In the box

QA Certificate (ISO9001)

Standard accessories, QA certificate (ISO9001 compliant)

Quantity: 1
Part Number: QA Certificate (ISO9001 compliant)
Calibration Certificate (ILAC/NATA)

Standard accessories, Calibration certificate (ILAC/NATA traceable)

Quantity: 1 set
Part Number: Calibration Certificate (ILAC/NATA)
User Manual

Standard accessories, Instrument user manual

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Part Number: User Manual

Standard accessories, Instrument quick reference guide

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Part Number: QRG
Wrist Strap (KI)

standard accessories, Wrist strap for KI products

Quantity: 1
Part Number: Wrist Strap (KI)
Carry Pouch (KI7000)

Standard accessories, Carry pouch for KI7000 series instruments

Quantity: 1
Part Number: Carry Pouch (KI7000)
RS232 Cable

Standard accessories, RS232 cable

Quantity: 1
Part Number: RS232 Cable
Battery Size Adaptor (AA-to-C)

Standard accessories, C-to-AA battery size adaptor

Quantity: 2
Part Number: Battery Size Adaptor (AA-to-C)
Software (Attenuator control)

Standard accessories, Attenuator remote control software

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Part Number: Software (Attenuator control)

Hybrid Adaptor, Ceramic Sleeve, SC/SC

SC. KI2600 power meters can use this adaptor for testing duplex SC connectors, other instruments use OPT081
Part Number: OPT046
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Hybrid Adaptor, Ceramic Sleeve, SC/LC Simplex, metal body

LC Simplex
Part Number: OPT076
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Hybrid Adaptor, Ceramic Sleeve, SC/ST

Part Number: OPT040
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Optional accessories


Carry Case, KI2x/KI7x/KI3x, small

Canvas case with foam compartments for 2x KI2000 or KI7000 series instrument, 3x KI9000 series instrument and other accessories.
Part Number: OPT153-CASE
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