This hand-held fiber optic variable attenuator is a precision handheld instrument commonly used for testing 50u multimode mode fiber systems for optical system margin and linearity. Superior specifications, high productivity and remote-control capability also make this a genuine laboratory grade instrument. An additional typical application is as a passive adjustable attenuator pad in a transmission system.

  • Easy to use, accurate & productive instrument
  • Excellent linearity and absolute loss accuracy
  • Power handling to >+30 dBm / 1000 milliwatts
  • Broadband, flat λ response
  • Low minimum insertion loss
  • Excellent ORL & PMD characteristics
  • Supplied with SC, ST, LC interchangeable connectors
  • Remote control (LabWindows) software
  • Set attenuation is unaffected by power on/off status
  • Very long battery life

Key Features


KI7020B specifications
Fiber type 50 /125 µm
Range 3.0 ~ 60.0 dB
Resolution 0.05 dB
Linearity / Repeatability 0.2 dB
Absolute uncertainty 0.5 dB
Power capability +30 dBm
Optical return loss (ORL) 60 dB
Polarization dependent loss (PDL) < 0.1 dB
Thermal stability over temperature ±0.02 dB
Operating wavelength range 700 ~ 1400 nm
Nominal Calibration wavelengths 850, 1300 nm
Wavelength dependence (850 ~ 1300 nm) < ±0.5 dB up to 20 dB
Country of Origin Australia
Shipping Weight 1500 g
General Variable Optical Attenuator KI 7010 Series specifications
Calibration validity (ISO/IEC 17025) 3 years
Interface RS232 (3.5mm jack connector, default baud 9.6K)
Power batteries or external
Battery type 2x C (R14) Alkaline
Battery life 7.6 A/Hour
External power 9~12 V DC with ID2.5mm(+ve)-OD5.5mm-plug
Auto off Selectable
Case Polycarbonate, 1-meter drop tested, with captive caps
Size 190 mm x 130 mm x 70 mm
Unit weight 0.52 kg
Shipping weight 1.5 Kg
Operating / storage temperature -15 to 55 °C / -25 to 70 °C
Relative humidity 0 ~ 95 %
Warranty 3 years

Documentation & Support


In the box

ST Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT040

ST-SC. Tough metal body, precision ceramic sleeve

SC/SC Through Connector OPT046

SC-SC, Tough metal body, precision ceramic sleeve

LC Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT076

LC-SC Simplex. Tough metal body, precision ceramic sleeve

Wrist Strap / Lanyard

Handy lanyard & matching instrument attachment point

Kingfisher Attenuator Remote Control Software

Downloadable from Kingfisher website for free.

Quick Reference Guide QRG

Handy quick reference guide, some in multiple languages

Instrument User Manual

Comprehensive user manual, in well written English

Traceable Calibration Certificate ILAC/NATA Compliant

IEC/ISO 17025 compliant calibration certificate

Optional accessories


FC Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT051

FC-SC. OPT081 adaptor is preferred for power meters, since FC ceramic sleeves can break easily. Tough metal body, precision ceramic sleeve


LC / F3000 Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT072

For F3000-SC PC Simplex. This is an LC-PC adapter that also fits F3000. For LC-PC only use, ceramic sleeve. OPT076 is better value and more robust.


E2000 Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT060

E2000-SC, ceramic sleeve


LSA-DIN47256 AVIM Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT071

AVIM / LSA / DIN47256 - SC. Ceramic sleeve


Semi-Rigid Carry Case for Test Kits OPT153-CASE

Semi-rigid canvas test kit case for two KI2000 or KI7000 series instruments, and three KI9000 series instruments. With carry straps and compartments for accessories storage. Moulded interior provides a perfect combination of durability, protection, and comfortable use.


Fiber Connector Cleaner Cartridge TOOL CLEAN-09A

To clean a connector end face / tip, prior to connector insertion into a mating adaptor.


Stick-Type Cleaner 2.5 mm TOOL CLEAN-03

To clean the end face and mating sleeve of a fiber optic connector with 2.5 mm diameter ferrule. SC, FC, ST etc.


Stick-type Cleaner 1.25 mm TOOL CLEAN-04

To clean the end face and mating sleeve of a fiber optic connector with 1.25 mm diameter ferrule, LC, SN etc

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