Cold Clamp (buried cable fault locator)

Our unique Cold Clamp locates cable breaks & faults to a physical accuracy of better than 1 meter over long distance.

It causes a temporary optical loss marker at a location near the fault, allowing an OTDR user to find the physical fault with great accuracy. 

In practice OTDR distance measurement is accurate to 0.5% - 2%. Real-world systems also often have cable coils & undeclared topologies that impact distance measurement. So a cable fault can be hundreds of meters away from an expected location.

Diagram showing OTDR usage with a Cold Clamp

  • Works brilliantly over long distances
  • Reduces network hazard and days of labor as exploratory trenching is eliminated
  • Minimizes community disruption and excavation damage
  • Finds hidden faults and breaks in fibre cables where there is no visible evidence
  • Minimizes service disruption, since it can be used on a live system
  • Economical repair allows revival of dark or abandoned fiber lines, reclaiming capacity
  • Inexpensive, non-destructive & field proven. Telcordia (Bellcore) report available
  • Use your existing training & OTDRs
  • Safety kit & work practices are provided. (a small amount of liquid nitrogen is easier to acquire and manage safely than most people think!)

Part Number Description Applications MSRP *
USD $3844.56
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COLDCLAMP-2 5 Cold Clamps & Consumables VFL
USD $609.79
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USD $486.41
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COLDCLAMP-4 10 Litre Dewar VFL
USD $2748.35
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COLDCLAMP-5 1 Litre Flask VFL
USD $265.57
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This product is designed, made, and calibrated in Australia.

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