KI 2700 Handheld Loss Test Set

The Kingfisher Hand Held Loss Test Meter is a premium instrument used to test power, loss, continuity and faults on fiber optic systems. In a small package, it provides a variety of powerful solutions to improving test flexibility and productivity.

  • Easy to use, slim, rugged & versatile
  • SM, MM & Quad versions with EF compliant sources.
  • MPO / CS / POF power meter versions
  • Excellent source stability
  • Unique VisiTest VFL option boosts test productivity
  • Large clear LCD is sunlight readable & backlit
  • Large memory with Text Tag & time stamp
  • One button memory dump to USB key
  • KITS™ reporting software for acquisition and reporting
  • Autotest power meter
  • 1 % accuracy & 24 calibrated λ, ISO17025 traceable ILAC / NATA / ISO17025 Traceable Calibration
  • Interchangeable connectors with dust cap & tilt bail
  • Multi-Fiber ID Test tone generator / detector
  • Long alkaline battery life with micro USB external power / charger
  • 3 Year warranty and calibration cycle

How to select my detector type

Interchangeable connectors

Use a single tester for: SC, LC, MPO, FC, HFBR, & other connectors - including universal & duplex options.

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One-touch AutoTest

Smart communication makes sure you always get a full, complete, and consistent test result.

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Test tone with multi-fiber ID

Send & identify one of 12 unique test tones. Great for quickly verifying continuity, polarity and rack labelling.

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VisiTest option

Integrates a VFL into AutoTest, so the fiber end you need to test flashes red. Confidence with a quick & easy visual cue.

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Real-time reporting software

Excel-based instrument connectivity for comprehensive reporting (against standards) and real-time data logging.

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ILAC/NATA ISO 17025 optical calibration

Internationally recognised traceable optical calibration to ISO17025

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Genuine 3 year calibration validity

Genuine 3 Year optical power meter re-calibration validity

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Legendary source stability

In real-world field conditions, Kingfisher's stable and accurate sources outshine the competition.

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Multimode test standard compliance

Kingfisher LED sources meet Encircled Flux and CPR requirements straight out of the box.

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Total uncertainty specification

Our unique specifications cover accuracy in real world use - over all power levels, temperatures, connector and fiber types.

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Metal-free connectors

To avoid metal dust fragments damaging your tester and fiber-ends, we use high-end metal-free connectors.

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  • Cases
  • Accessories
  • Cleaning tools
  • Test leads 
Hybrid Adaptor Series
  • Sources, attenuators, OLTS
  • Most power meters except XL series
  • G2 connector
  • Useful to make test adapter leads
XL Series Power Meter Adaptor Series
  • Large area XL series power meters
  • Legacy KI6000 power meters
  • Also fits other instruments
More Accessories...

Part Number Description Applications MSRP *
KI2724-GE 850-1300 nm LED, 1310-1550 nm Laser, Ge MM SM
USD $3064.01
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KI2724-GE-APC 850-1300 nm LED, 1310-1550 nm Laser APC, Ge MM SM
USD $3175.05
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KI27624-GE 850-1300 LED, 1310-1550 Laser VisiTester, Ge MM SM VFL
USD $3267.56
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KI27624-GE-APC 850-1300 LED, 1310-1550 Laser VisiTester APC, Ge MM SM VFL
USD $3278.63
In stock
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KI27634-GE 850-1300 LED VisiTester, 1310-1550 Laser VisiTester, Ge MM SM VFL
USD $3916.99
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KI2703-GE 850-1300 nm LED, Ge MM
USD $2487.69
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KI2703XL-GE5 850-1300 nm LED, Ge 5mm MM MPO
USD $3371.92
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KI27603-GE 850-1300 nm LED VisiTester, Ge MM VFL
USD $2774.8
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KI27703-GE 850-1300 nm LED, 650nm Ge MM VFL
USD $2685.89
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KI2709XL-SI5 660 nm LED, Si 5mm POF/PCS
USD $1935.85
In stock
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KI27622-INGAAS 1310-1550 nm Laser VisiTester, InGaAs SM VFL
USD $2654.35
In stock
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KI2722-INGAAS 1310-1550 nm Laser, InGaAs SM
USD $2461.28
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KI27010-INGAAS-APC 1310-1550-1625 nm Laser APC, InGaAs SM WDM
USD $3275.92
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KI27610-INGAAS-APC 1310-1550-1625 nm Laser VisiTester APC, InGaAs SM WDM VFL
USD $3307.45
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KI27016-INGAAS-APC 1310-1490-1550-1625 nm Laser APC, InGaAs SM WDM
USD $3341.28
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KI2727-INGAAS-APC 1310-1490-1550 nm Laser APC, InGaAs SM
USD $2708.3
In stock
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KI27627-INGAAS-APC 1310-1490-1550 nm Laser VisiTester APC, InGaAs SM VFL
USD $2930.48
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* Prices are per instrument. Price excludes tax, duties, and shipping.
This product is designed, made, and calibrated in Australia.

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