A fiber visual fault locator pen VFL for fiber optic installation, fault finding, continuity checking, polarity checking, verifying a signal path, and identifying a fiber. For use on single mode, multimode and plastic fibers, this is a high power (5 mW) fiber laser light tester that complies with the latest visible eye safety standards for fiber laser testers. A perfect addition to any OTDR fiber tester to find very short-range faults, and faults within the OTDR dead-zone.

  • Easy, compact pen-style laser checker
  • Quality drop-resistant metal body
  • Class 2M laser light pen with range up to 10 Km
  • 2.5 mm universal connector & translucent captive cap
  • Continuous or pulsed operation
  • The smallest laser pen tracer with 2 x AAA batteries
  • 3 year warranty

MPO-Specific Continuity, Polarity & End Face Tester

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Key Features


KI6359 specifications
Typical output power (with PC-polished conenctor) < 5 mW (7 dBm) into SMF, < 6 mW (7.8 dBm) into 50/125 µm MMF
Laser protection class Class 2M, IEC60825-2011
Useful distance/range Up to 10 Km
General Visual Fault Locator Pen KI 6300 Series specifications
Wavelength 655 ± 5 nm
Output mode CW or 2~3 Hz modulation
Battery 2 x AAA (LR-03) Alkaline
Battery life > 40 hours
Connector 2.5 mm universal
Retention force for ferrule 1 ~ 2 N
Size 18 mm x 160 mm
Unit weight 83 g (including batteries)
Shipping weight 0.1 kg
Operating / storage temperature -10 to +45 °C / -40 to +70 °C
Relative humidity 95%
Warranty 3 years

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Optional accessories


VFL Adapter 2.5mm Male to 1.25mm Female OPT189

Adapts VFL pen with 2.5 mm connector, for use with LC / other 1.25mm ferrule connectors

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VFL Adapter Cord 2.5mm - 1.25mm OPT711

Adapts VFL pen with 2.5 mm connector, for use with LC connectors

USD $36.71

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