KI 9600A Pocket Power Meter

The inexpensive KI 9600A Shirt-Pocket Fiber Meter is a simple and reliable power meter for testing power and loss on all types of fiber optic systems. It provides high accuracy and simplicity of use.

  • 9 calibration λ, ±2% accuracy, ISO17025 traceable ILAC / NATA / ISO17025 Traceable Calibration
  • Small size, easy to use, rugged & reliable
  • 2 x AA batteries, 300 hr life
  • dBm / dB / linear, 0.01 dB resolution
  • Display hold & max/min recording
  • Tone detector with Multi-Fiber ID
  • Easy to use TamperLock mode
  • Interchangeable connectors
  • Full QA reports
  • 3 year warranty & calibration

How to select my detector type

Part Number Description Applications MSRP *
Ge Made in Australia MM SM PON
USD $524.9
In stock
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InGaAs Made in Australia SM PON WDM
USD $558.83
In stock
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KI9600A-H5 H5 Made in Australia SM Hi Pwr WDM
USD $624.4
In stock
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Si 5mm Made in Australia MM POF/PCS MPO
USD $586.85
In stock
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Ge 5mm Made in Australia MM SM POF/PCS MPO
USD $990.09
In stock
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KI9600A-H3B H3B Made in Australia SM Hi Pwr WDM
USD $623.06
In stock
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KI9600XL-GE7 Ge 7mm Made in Australia MM SM POF/PCS MPO
USD $1775.63
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Interchangeable connectors

Use a single tester for: SC, LC, MPO, FC, HFBR, & other connectors - including universal & duplex options.

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Test tone with multi-fiber ID

Send & identify one of 12 unique test tones. Great for quickly verifying continuity, polarity and rack labelling.

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ILAC/NATA ISO 17025 optical calibration

Internationally recognised traceable optical calibration to ISO17025

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TamperLock mode

Lock down user controls and configuration to reduce the risk of test failure.

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Genuine 3 year calibration validity

Genuine 3 Year optical power meter re-calibration validity

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Total uncertainty specification

Our unique specifications cover accuracy in real world use - over all power levels, temperatures, connector and fiber types.

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Metal-free connectors

To avoid metal dust fragments damaging your tester and fiber-ends, we use high-end metal-free connectors.

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