KI 6610 FiberSafe Microscope

The Kingfisher FiberSafe Microscope is the fiber inspector of choice for checking unmated fiber optic connectors for dirt, end face quality and patch lead continuity. High quality construction & helpful features will improve the performance of all technical staff in portable or desktop applications.

  • Best image quality & ease of use
  • 200x, 400x, 40x for SM, MM, MPO & POF
  • Greatly improved eye safety: laser eye safe to Class 3B, ISO 167025-2: 2021 
  • Fiber connector adapters male LC/APC, SC/APC, FC/APC, ST, universal 1.25 & 2.5 mm, MPO/MTP SM & MM, MT Ferrule, E2000/APC, HFBR, SMA, ARINC 801
  • Easy focus & image centering
  • Long alkaline battery life or external power
  • Video capture option
  • Stabilized illumination with timer
  • Lanyard and tripod mounts
  • Coaxial, oblique or core illumination
  • 3 year warranty
  • Australian designed and made
  • QA report with ISO 9001 traceable eye safety test

General KI 6610 FiberSafe Microscope specifications

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Max eye safety input limit (IEC60825-2 Ed.3.1) 20 dBm (@ 635 ~ 800 nm) / 30 dBm (@ 800 ~1650 nm)
Illumination modes Coaxial, oblique, core
Damage level 30 dBm
Power Battery / External power via USB
Battery 1x AAA (LR03) Alkaline
Battery life 300 hours (coaxial illumination for KI6608 & KI6610) / 75 hours (coaxial illumination for KI6611)
Auto off When powered by battery
Size 184.4 mm x 49.3 mm
Unit weight 0.21 kg
Shipping weight 1.5 kg
Illuminating LED's life 100,000 hours
Operating / storage temperature -15 to 55°C / -25 to 70°C
Relative humidity 95%
Warranty 3 years

In the box


Scope Adaptor 2.5 mm Universal

Universal 2.5 mm, PC, Simplex / Duplex
Part Number: OPT681
USD $70.71 Add to Cart

Carry Pouch KI966xx Microscope

Soft pouch with carry straps for KI66xx series microscopes.
Part Number: OPT157
USD $37.65 In stock Add to Cart
USB Cable (Micro)

Standard accessories, USB cable, A-to-Micro type

Quantity: 1
Part Number: USB cable (Micro)
User Manual

Standard accessories, Instrument user manual

Alternatively, download from Kingfisher's website for free.
Part Number: User Manual
QA Certificate (ISO9001)

Standard accessories, QA certificate (ISO9001 compliant)

Quantity: 1
Part Number: QA Certificate (ISO9001 compliant)
Wrist Strap (KI)

standard accessories, Wrist strap for KI products

Quantity: 1
Part Number: Wrist Strap (KI)

Optional accessories


Scope Digital Eyepiece, 1.3 Mpixel

1.3 Mpixel camera with USB connection. For all models of FiberSafe Microscope. This unit has some very nice software and requires MS Windows to install the drivers.
Part Number: OPT684
USD $186.24 In stock Add to Cart

More Accessories...

Part Number Description + Applications MSRP *
KI6610 200x, 2.5 mm Univ


USD $572.93
In stock
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KI6611 400x, 2.5 mm Univ


USD $588.48
In stock
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KI6608 40x, 2.5 mm Univ


USD $722.79
In stock
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This product is designed, made, and calibrated in Australia.

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