Th is full function fiber inspection scope is a fully automated tool to check and analyze fiber optic connector end faces for dirt, condition, and quality as per IEC61300-3-35 requirements. Images are auto centered/focused and can be viewed directly on an integrated LCD display. Fiber inspector pass/fail analysis starts and, with its data & report saved automatically with just a push of button. The data & report saved in SD card on the device can later be downloaded onto PC via USB or Wi-Fi. Easy operation, robust construction and quality optics ensures that this equipment will enhance the performance of installation and maintenance staff.

  • Fully automated tester with pass/fail analysis
  • IEC61300-3-35 compliant pass/fail analysis
  • Auto generated analysis image, data & reports
  • Integrated 3.2” LCD touch screen with auto brightness control
  • Good image quality with auto centering/focusing
  • Adjustable in 2 styles
  • Captive dust/protective cap
  • LED analysis status indicators
  • Long operation Snap-on Li-ion battery, rechargeable via USB-C cable
  • Quick-change adaptors for male/female connectors LC, LC/APC, SC, SC/APC, FC, FC/APC, ST, universal 1.25 & 2.5 mm. Also MPO/MTP SM & MM
  • Auto pass/fail analysis for MPO/MTP12 when fitted with adaptor, OPT636
  • Quick-change adaptors for many connector styles including MPO12
  • LED torch for work in low light conditions
  • Handy storage case for inspection adaptors
  • Simplex and duplex connectors
  • Imaging apps for Window devices via WiFi
  • 1 year warranty

Key Features


General Integrated Inspection Probe AutoGet WiFi specifications
Magnification 5x (non MPO12) / 8.72x (MPO12)
Resolving power < 1 µm
Field of View 250x250 um (@ non-MPO12 analysis mode) / 220x220 um (@MPO12 analysis mode)
Focus method Auto (in pass/fail analysis mode) / Manual (in preview mode)
Fully automated Pass/fail analysis IEC61300-3-35 compliant
Communication interface WiFi802.11 / USB2.0
Memory storage 16G SD card (supplied)
Software Pass/fail analysis and data download (Win7 and above)
Display 480x800 3.2”LCD touch screen with auto brightness control
Features LED torch, captive dust cap, LED standby/pass/fail indicator, 2-style adjustable, selectable auto-off (disabled, 10, 20, 30 minutes)
Power Snap-On Li-ion battery rechargeable via USB, 4hrs charging time (@ 0.2A from 0 charge), 9 hours operating time
Size 341x67x57 mm / 281x201x57 mm (when in L-shape style)
Unit weight 570 g (including battery)
Operating / storage temperature -5 to +40 °C / -20 to +55 °C
Relative humidity 90%
Shipping weight 1.7 kg
Warranty 1 year

Documentation & Support


In the box

Adaptors (Inspection Probes)

Adaptors for Inspection Probe

5x inspection probe adaptors: 1.25mm Male, 2.5mm Male, LC Female, SC Female, FC Female


Adaptor Storage Case

Adaptor Storage Case for Inspection Probes

Adaptor storage case for inspection probes


Charger (USB)

Mains voltage - USB power charger

USB charger with interchangeable AC plugs (US, UK, EU, AU styles)


Touch Pen

Touch Pen


WiFi Module

WiFi module


USB Cable (C)

USB C cable


Software (AutoGet WiFi on Window)

Windows Software (AutoGet WiFi video microscope

Downloadable free from www.kingfiserfiber.com


Optional accessories


1.25mm APC Male Connector Adapter, Video Scope OPT630A

For LC/APC male connectors and other 1.25mm ferrule & APC polish tip

USD $115.05

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LC APC Female Connecter Adaptor, Video Scope OPT632A

For inside an LC bulkhead female adapter, to inspect an LC/APC polish tip.

USD $280.05

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2.5mm APC Male Connector Adapter, Video Scope OPT631A

For SC/APC, FC/APC, E2000/APC, ST/APC, LSA/APC male connectors, and other 2.5 mm ferrule & APC polish tip

USD $115.05

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SC APC Female Connector Adapter, Video Scope OPT633A

For inside an SC bulkhead female adapter to inspect an SC/APC polish tip

USD $133.39

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FC APC Female Connector Adapter, Video Scope OPT634A

For inside an FC bulkhead female adapter, to inspect an FC/APC polish tip

USD $133.39

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MPO PC/APC Connector Adapter, Video Scope OPT636

For MPO & MPO-APC connectors and Dimension AutoGetWiFi, to do auto pass/fail analysis. To inspect both a male connector tip, and to fit inside a female bulkhead adapter.

USD $1973.18

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Optitap Connector Adapter, Video Scope OPT639

For Optitap with SC/APC connector

USD $201.33

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USD $129.59

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USD $154.46

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USD $104.59

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USD $287.92

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USD $496.64

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2 mm Male Connector Adaptor, Video Scope OPT638

For 2.0 mm ferrule / terminus

USD $201.33

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