USB key data export with data assurance

What it does

Insert a USB key, select memory mode, watch for USB symbol, then push the download (triangular) button.

The instrument memory is dumped onto the USB key. The *.csv files are named sequentially, and are never overwritten.

Data typically includes:
USB Key memory dump from fiber optic tester

  1. Source and power meter s/n
  2. Test result alpha-numeric name (previously entered by operator)
  3. Test result time & date stamp
  4. Source nominal power level at each λ
  5. Source reference power level at each λ
  6. Meter absolute reading level at each λ
  7. Meter relative reading level at each λ

Benefit: Simple, reliable & flexible test data recovery

  • Gives an instrument endless memory capacity: just dump, empty memory, & continue.
  • Back up the day's work, onto multiple keys if needed.
  • Independent of any computing device or operating system; versatile and future-proof.
  • Move data files onto a mobile device and send to your office.
    The picture shows a mobile phone's memory card used with a USB adaptor, prior to phoning results back to the office.
  • Read data files into KITS™ software for versatile off-site reporting and analysis etc (firmware V1.14 and later). This software alternatively connects to an instrument in real-time if preferred.
  • Data files are secure when used with KITS software, which will positively identify if the data file has not been tampered with.