Test tone with multi-fiber ID

What it does

MultiFiber ID provides simple and advanced test tone features on light sources, power meters and loss test sets.

  • It provides the usual 270 Hz, I KHz and 2 KHz tone functions of most test instruments
  • A light source can be set to any one of 12 extra test ID tones. So multiples sources can be set up at one time, all with different ID.
  • A Power meter recognizes and displays the numbered test tone, 1 - 12.
  • A Kingfisher power meter not equipped with MultiFiber ID still shows the test tone frequency anyway, so still usable.

Faster fiber fault finding, continuity & polarity testing

  • Hook up to 12 light sources to 12 fibers at one time, each set to a different ID, to do rapid and easy continuity / polarity testing, greatly improving both productivity and confidence.
  • Simple and reliable to use, the meter automatically detects and displays 1 -12 tone numbers.
  • Ideally suited for 12 fiber ribbons / MPO connectors.
  • Can extend to 16 fibers (for MPO-16 / 32 connectors) by using the 2 KHz, 1 KHz, 270 Hz tones + no tone.
Test Tones are Great for Fault Finding

Test Tones are Great for Fault Finding

Multi-Fiber ID Instruments

Loss Test Set with Zero Warm-Up KI 2300 Series

  • Single-directional loss on one fiber
  • Most accurate OLTS
  • Zero warm-up time sources, to 6 λ
  • Singlemode fiber only
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